20 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

20 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

While sipping on my mug filled with green tea this morning I thought I’d do a post on 20 ways to boost your metabolism.

The importance? I think most of us struggle with a crappy metabolism. I know I do. I can gain weight so easily after just one day of eating poorly so if I can adapt things into my life that will help me boost my metabolism to burn more calories, I’m all for it.

As for you lucky ones who can eat a mound full of food and not gain weight, please stick a sock in it. Just kidding…sort of. I’m just jealous, but I will say this — Although your metabolism may be high now, it will most likely catch up with you later so keep up the exercise and healthful eating habits to avoid crashing into poor health in the future. Take advantage of it, but be good to yourself too.

  1. Eat a good breakfast. When people skip breakfast, they also have a tendency to overeat later because their body has been set into starvation mode in the morning. Remember to eat breakfast goodies that are slow to digest and will keep you fuller longer.
  2. Sip Java. Studies have shown that caffeinated coffee increases your metabolic rate by 16%! Just don’t overdo it. I still prefer the caffeinated teas.
  3. Drink Ice Cold Water and More Water in General. Some people think that hot water helps you lose weight (People have really told me this and these same people also say that they started working out at the same time that they started drinking hot water…), but that’s actually false. Take people who live in Alaska, for example, in order to keep their core temperature stable, they have to consume a ton of calories to combat the amount of calories their body burns just from the freezing cold. Drinking more water each day (because it keeps you fuller), in general, will help you lose weight; however, adding some ice cubes will give that metabolism a slight boost overall.
  4. Eat Protein at Every Meal. This helps to build and maintain lean muscle mass.
  5. Drink Green Tea. Steep your tea for three minutes and drink it while it’s still hot. Doing this 3-5 times per day will burn a few extra calories.
  6. Have Your Dairy. The calcium helps to metabolize fat more efficiently by increasing the rate at which it disposes fatty waste. Poop makes me happy.
  7. Eat Organic Food. Chemicals can stall your metabolism so if you can, choose organic and remember to read the labels.
  8. Eat Chili Peppers. Capsaicin revs up your metabolism. Add them to anything you want!
  9. Have Your Iron. According to Women’s Health Magazine, women lose iron every month due to their menstruation which means that your muscles may suffer from oxygen deficiency. The verdict? An unhappy metabolism. Stock up on your favorite metal-packed goods in the pantry. It’ll sure do you good.
  10. Add Interval Workouts to Your Regimen. Intervals are amazing! By increasing your intensity you can burn more calories in the same, if not shorter, amount of time!
  11. Lift slowly. Lifting slowly increases the breakdown of muscle tissue thereby allowing your metabolism to spike as it goes through repair.
  12. Take Fish Oil. Yep, this increases fat burn.
  13. Eat Healthy Fish. Salmon, tuna, and sardines are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, sending the “I’m full” signal to your brain. I love fish!
  14. Avoid Too Much Alcohol. I think you know why, but basically your liver will use the alcohol as fuel as opposed to your fat stores.
  15. Sleep. No two people are the same; however, generally speaking, you should sleep at least 8 hours a night. I know. Not easy for busy bodies and people who work long hours, but try, if you can because lack of sleep throws off the hormones (leptin and ghrelin) that help regulate energy use and appetite.
  16. Weight Train. Not only does it help to build muscle tissue, it also helps to increase the fat burn even at rest.
  17. Fluctuate Calories. This will throw off your bodies tendency to remain stable, thereby revving up your metabolism. The reason diets that tell you to drop calories don’t work  is because whenever you drop calories, your body tries to slow your metabolism to keep things the same. I know this because I have done this mistake in the past and ended up gaining more than what I had lost later on. It’s poo poo so don’t do it.
  18. Eat Regular, Small Meals. Digestion requires calories. This keeps your metabolism in check.
  19. Eat Whole Foods. Whole grains pack more nutrients and are higher in fiber so your body has to work harder to use them as energy. Yay for food that does you good all around!
  20. Exercise!!! Need I say more?!

My overall note is that it’s not just one point or two points that make the real difference, it’s the combination of doing many points, if not all, that truly boosts your metabolism. A little may go a long way with time, but a lot will yield greater results in the same amount of time or less.

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