8 Natural Ways to Beat Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

8 Natural Ways to Beat Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Morning sickness. The one part of pregnancy I dread the most, even more than labor and delivery. Yes, it’s that bad. Did you know that more than half of all pregnant women experience morning sickness to some degree? While some only experience minimal morning sickness, others experience a severe form called hyperemesis gravidarum in which close observation and medication are often required.

When I was pregnant with my first child, my morning sickness was so bad, I lost eight pounds in the first trimester. Fortunately, this trend did not continue for the following two pregnancies and whatever morning sickness I did experience, was manageable. Being pregnant once again, I am faced with another strong bought of morning sickness. In an attempt to stay ahead of the game, and remain as healthy as I possibly can, I have been gleaning as much information as I can about effective ways to battle the dreaded morning sickness.


Here you will find eight natural ways I am personally fighting morning sickness. Not all of these things will work for everyone. In fact, some days it seems as if one or two of these don’t touch my morning sickness at all and other days they work wonders. My reason for sharing these remedies is not to tell you they will make you feel better, but to let you know there are things out there you can try if you happen to be suffering as I am.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. As always, please consult your own doctor in regard to your health, especially if you have any medical issues.

1. Ginger

Ginger is one of the biggest things that helps ward off morning sickness for me, but it has to be the real thing. Skip the Vernors and opt for a natural ginger ale. There are also other options such as ginger gum, candies, and tea. Using fresh ginger root in your cooking may also help reduce morning sickness. You can read more about ginger for nausea here.

2. Vitamnin B6

Vitamin B6 has been shown to help decrease the severity of morning sickness in many women. Taking 100 mg or less a day may be helpful. Consult your physician before taking it. When my morning sickness was really bad with my first pregnancy, I would take vitamin b6 along with half a Unisom and it would help significantly. I like to avoid medications at all costs during pregnancy now so I skip the Unisom.

3. Acupressure bracelets

Acupressure bracelets have been a lifesaver for me. This is one of the easiest ways to combat morning sickness. Psi Bands are typically used for those with motion sickness but the effect is the same on women with morning sickness. By putting pressure on points in the wrist, nausea is decreased significantly. You can find them on Amazon here (affiliate link below). And they now come in all sorts of fun colors and prints, unlike when I bought mine a few years ago.

4. Eat before sitting or getting up out of bed

Another way I head off morning sickness is to eat before sitting or getting up out of bed. Many people will recommend crackers, pretzels, or cereal. I opt for lactation cookies, granola bars, or some other form of protein. It seems to sit better on my stomach and makes me less nauseous later in the day.

5. Prenatal vitamin

Prenatal vitamins always seem to make me feel more nauseous than if I were to skip them. Because of my food allergies and dietary restrictions, it’s really important I get those extra vitamins and minerals during pregnancy. Taking my prenatal right before bed helps to reduce my nausea during the day. Make sure you are taking a quality prenatal that allows for good absorption. I started taking a raw prenatal by Garden of Life and have not had my usual issues as with the ones my ob/gyn has prescribed in the past.

6. Eat smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day.

My morning sickness seems the absolute worst when I’m either too hungry or have eaten too much at once. By pacing my food intake and eating more consistently throughout the day, I don’t get that severely sick feeling. I do have to plan ahead and have healthy food choices available all day long, but it certainly beats carrying a bucket around all day.

7. Peppermint, lemon, and ginger essential oils

When my stomach is really upset, I like to put a small drop of peppermint oil under my tongue. It tastes similar to a powerful mint and eliminates the sick feeling almost instantly. Lemon is wonderful to inhale or rub on the back of my neck when I am feeling especially nauseous. Ginger oil works in the same way as fresh ginger root. Add a drop to some lemon tea or use it in cooking to help reduce that queasy feeling. If you don’t like the taste, inhaling may be effective as well.

8. Kefir

The newest thing I have read about morning sickness and how to reduce it is found here. In this post, the author describes how the stomach bacteria h. pylori could be responsible for the severe morning sickness some women experience. She discusses the science behind this thought as well as a couple ways to eradicate h. pylori from the gut. The first being antibiotic treatment and the second being colloidal silver. I completely agree with the author that strong antibiotic use should be a last resort. A more natural approach such as colloidal silver or even the use of fermented foods in one’s diet can help naturally reduce h. pylori in the gut as well. Kefir has been shown to help put gut bacteria back in balance and eradicate h pylori. You can find out more about the effectiveness of kefir in battling h. pylori here.

Battling morning sickness while caring for a home, business, and three small children is a lot to take on, but knowing I have options to help me feel better makes it all a little easier to manage. At any given point during the day, I know there is something I can do to help reduce that incessant sick feeling and for that, I am grateful.

Did or do you typically experience morning sickness during pregnancy? If so, what helps you feel better?

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