Best Electric Shavers For Men

Best Electric Shavers For Men

Can you imagine your barber holding a straight razor right next to your skin and jugular, asking you to relax, every week or every few days? Us neither. But, here’s the deal – this was the norm a while back. Yes, you and I, humans who consider themselves rather liberal and superior to other animals would, willingly, bare it all and leave our lives and facial hair at the risk of a barber. Of course, that cannot be us today – we’d rather turn every month into a no-shave month, because, it’s never that serious, right?

Well, fortunately for us (and the rest of humanity), and thanks to this thing called technology, we now have this thing called an electric shaver or an electric razor. All you need to do is to invest in one of the best electric shavers for men. The catch, however, is that the electric shavers for men are flooding the market. So, you’re forced to deal with the paradox of choice. In most cases, if you don’t mind coughing a little more on grooming, an excellent electric shaver will give you the close shave you desire – leaving you with a perfectly groomed face.

Even more exciting is the convenience of the electric shavers. You get to enjoy close shaves at home without the worry of slicing open your jugular or skin. But you already have one. You think? In as much as you bought a shaver last Christmas, if it’s not listed below, you’re missing supreme – and your face deserves better.

For that smooth shave, you need any of the electric shavers we’re reviewing below to avoid irritations, go longer between recharges, and to avoid irritations. You need a shaver that works effortlessly on dry or wet hairs – something that leaves you with the closest, cleanest and smoothest shaves, regardless of the thickness of your facial hair.

What makes the electric shavers efficient?

Most of these electric shavers employ spinning/ oscillating blades to cut through even the coarsest hairs, tightly to your skin. The guards around the blades protect the skin from the spinning blades, and some of these guards have slots to catch hairs and lift them, for effective clipping. Also, the heads of these electric shavers are designed to flex singularly so that the razor matches the contouring of your faces, leaving you with the desired close shave.

Best Electric Shavers for Men UK 2020?

1. Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver for Men 7898cc
best electric shavers in UK
Braun Series 7 is a German-engineered shaver designed to last for up to seven years. It’s regarded as one of the best waterproof electric shavers, but the Braun Series 7 feature that leaves us in awe has got to be its ability to read your beard. The shaver can tell just how thick your stub of facial hair is, adjusting its power automatically to give you that clean shave, in on the pass. How? The shaver gets its magical power from Braun’s Sonic and its AutoSense technology (gives the shaver 13x/sec shaving power), which coupled with Series 7’s eight super directional and flexible head allow this shaver to move on your skin and with your face’s and neck’s contouring.

On top of these technologies, there is the MicroMotion technological feature that allows you to move every bit of your shaving system independently. This function works well in the hard-to-shave areas like the neck and around the Adam’s Apple. There also is a MacroMotion function that allows your shaver’s head to pivot to a maximum of 40 degrees. At this angle, you can turn the shaver whichever way across the face. The result of these two functions is super-fast, safe, and clean shaves. You no longer have to worry about a stubble of hair that was ‘forgotten.’

Regarding controls and personalization, your Braun Series 7gives you five shaving modes, sensitive to turbo. It also boasts four shaving elements: the 2x Opti-Foil for the perfect close shaves, ActiveLift trimmer for flat-lying hairs, 8-D flexible shaving system to match your face’s contours; and the Protective SkinGuard for a smooth shave.

And there’s more. Thanks to its Clean & Charge Station that comes with a cleaning brush, a cleaning solution, and even a travel case, the maintenance of the shaver is easy.

  • 100% waterproof shaver you can use in the shower comfortably
  • High-quality construction
  • Great close and smooth shaves in one pass
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • The battery-life might reduce over time
2. Panasonic ES-RF31 4 Blade Electric Shaver Wet and Dry
best electric shavers 2019
This Panasonic ES-RF31is your perfect balance of functionality and elegance. It’s one of the best electric shavers for men thanks to its steel-foil style and its durable construction. The foil-style construction means that this electric shaver features high-quality oscillating blades which move back-and-forth at high speed. The blades have guards to lift the hair while cutting while protecting the skin. The foil-style shaves also come highly recommended for their efficiency that comes from the blades’ independent flexing action that ensures shavings according to the contouring of your face.

It’s designed for use in wet and dry shaves, in or out of the shower, thanks to its 100% waterproof design, as well as Panasonic’s Wet & Dry technology gives you shaving flexibility. Thanks to this technology, the ES-RF31 makes a perfect upgrade from your old three-blade shaver.

Its arc-shaped foils employ a 3D pattern processing made possible by Panasonic’s honeycomb-shaped foil which is 41 microns thin. This function makes for uniformity in shaves close to the skin, and the hard-to-reach places. The four blades further enhance the quality of the shaves while the pivoting head makes for smooth shaves. The sharpest blade in this shaver is its Nano-edged blade which offers the least known amount of shaving resistance thanks to its power.

Cleaning this shaver is easy thanks to its sonic vibration cleaning mode which will remove any clinging hairs.


  • Waterproof
  • High-quality, inexpensive shaver
  • Great cleaning system
  • Smooth, clean shaves
  • It has a bulky head meaning it won’t work too well around your Adam’s Apple
3. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3090cc Electric Shaver
Electric shavers UK
Braun is a big name in the world of electric shavers, and this ProSkin Shaver is just one of their excellent shavers. Well known for its precision trimming, the dominant grip control, and the dry/wet shaving, this Braun Series 3 shaver is an affordable option for anyone looking for a mid-tier shaver.

If you’re looking for a shaver for your son or are finally taking control of your facial hairs having moved from your awesome barber, try this electric shaver. It’s dependable in terms of fast shaving action and comfort on the skin. Its head features a unique design, and it employs the MicroComb technology which guides your whiskers into the shaver’s cutters resulting in fast and close shaves. And for smooth shaves, this Braun ProSkin comes with pressure-sensitive blades. These blades offer smooth strokes and also protect the skin from irritation or chaffing.

Thanks to its precision trimmer that’s built into the back of the trimmer, you get to style your stache and the sideburns too. For your face’s contours, the shaver has three shaving elements floating independently.

  • Relatively long battery life
  • Suitable for wet and dry shaves
  • Washable
  • Skin-protection blades
  • No irritation
  • The cutters wear off too fast
4. Philips Series 3000 Wet & Dry Men’s Electric Shaver
best electric shavers 2019
The Philips Series 3000 electric shaver is a high-performing electric shaver known for its versatility and affordability. This shaver is cordless rotary-style electric shaver which means that the shaver comes with spinning rounded blades. The blades are housed in a slotted guard at the top of the blades ensuring that the hairs are lifted for easy cuts. A rotary shaver’s head is a flexible 4-directional DynamicFLex head which allows shaving around contours and in the hard-to-reach places. Its ComfortCut blade system glides smoothly over your face while its rounded head protects the skin from nicks, delivering smooth shaves.

Thanks to its Aquetic Wet & Dry Seal, you can comfortably shave in the shower or by the sink with or without foam/gel. This trimmer is also fully washable, and the pop-up trimmer makes it easy to trim the sideburns and mustache.

  • Super-affordable
  • Smooth, clean shaves
  • Cordless and holds charge for close to an hour
  • Versatile
  • It’s not as fast
  • A bit noisy
5. EUNON Electric Shaver for Men
electric shavers 2019 UK
The EUNON electric shaver for men is a wet and dry shaver that offers one of the most powerful mute-close shaving experiences thanks to its high-speed and powerful motor. It also draws its power from its 4-directional flex head which will automatically follow your face’s contours seamlessly.
Its other unique feature is its smart LED screen which will intuitively display your battery’s status showing you how much charge the shaver still holds. And thanks to its pop-up trimmer, you can quickly and effortlessly trim the sideburns and the mustache.
  • Shaves super close and smoothly
  • Works well
  • It’s quiet
  • The thin foil wears out too fast
6. SweetLF 3D Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof Electric Shaver Wet and Dry
top electric shavers 2019 UK
If you’re looking for the best, but also the most affordable electric shavers for men, this SweetLF 3D shaver. It’s well-designed with a straight line profile.
It’s a waterproof shaver that will work well with wet and dry shaves. It boasts a quick USB charging system meaning that this shaver is better than most other cheap shavers – most of the cheap electric shavers on the market need to be plugged in for use, but that is not the case with this shaver. Its USB cord is super convenient, and you can charge it from your laptop or any other power outlet. Thanks to its 5-level battery indicator, you don’t have to worry about the shaver dying unexpectedly in the middle of a shave.

Its 4-directional 3D floating heads ensure that the shaver adapts to the contours on your face and the neck, effortlessly. The floating heads are also responsible for the smoothness and the closeness of the shaves. You might also like that the rotary blades give comfortable and close-to-skin shaving, without any itching or irritation on the skin. Its pop-up trimmer allows for close trimming and styling of your facial hair.

While it has a high-speed motor, it’s not loud. The power of the shaver comes from SweetLF’s automatic grinding technology, as well as the self-sharpening blades. These features prevent this shaver from pulling your hairs while also minimizing damage and cuts on the skin.

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Great design
  • High comfort level while shaving
  • Close shaves
  • Micro-USB charger
  • Works for women too
  • Quality could be better
  • Bulky
7. HATTEKER Electric Shaver
top electric shavers 2019 UK
This is yet another super affordable electric shaver for men. It offers 100% waterproofing, but its best feature is that it’s suitable for shaving long hair while it also comes with a pop-up precision trimmer for your sideburns and mustache.
This cordless shaver is charged using a USB cable, and it’s quite easy to use. It’s a 2-in-1 trimmer that also comes with a nose trimmer.
Shaving efficiently is made possible by its up-gradable double-blade technique, as well as its design which yields good shaves on the neck and the neck curve.
It’s easy to use, clean and maintain, and the 10-stage LED display keeps you in the know about the level of charge remaining.
  • Suitable for long hair
  • Comes with a trimmer for styling facial hair
  • 100% waterproof
  • Not noisy
  • Affordable
  • The shaver doesn’t offer smooth or close shaves
  • It’s rather slow

Things to consider before purchasing an electric shaver

Types of electric shaver

The 2 main types of this kind of shaver are the following:

1. Rotary shavers – These types are electrically operated shavers that are originally manufactured by Philips. However, the one who is producing them is the Remington.

These electric shavers featured in 3-round cutting heads that contains outer guards with numerous slots. Sometimes, they present in a combination of round holes. These can also be utilized in circular motions all around your face after your create a combination of back & forth stroke movement.

2. Foil shavers – These types are very prominent in the marketplace since there are lots of men who are using these products. These feature with finest foil that contains numerous holes wrapped over the oscillating block cutter.

With these two types of shavers that you can find the in the circulation, you don’t need to be fret anymore since your concern will be answered instantly. You can have a quality electric shaver that has good reputation in the world of industry.

Thus, you will no longer feel annoyed because you can easily look for the product that is suitable for your taste and preferences. All the four manufactures that were cited above offer great and quality shavers for men.

In fact, they focus on the great features or attributes of the product like waterproofing and efficient-use. In this way, they can make sure that their products as good-to-go for the benefits of the customers.

Foil or Rotary, which is better?

In terms of performance, modern foil and rotary shavers are generally capable of achieving the same quality of shave. However people will often find they have a preference towards one or the other, often in terms of comfort or closeness of shave.

Who will be using the New Shaver?

When you are buying an electric shaver you really need to keep the end user in mind. In most cases, you will be the end user. However, if you are buying the razor for someone else then you need to take a look at what that person has used in the past. If they have always used a rotary shaver then you will probably want to stick with what they are used to. If you are buying the new electric shaver for yourself then simply follow the information in this guide or dive right in and try one of the shavers from our top 5 best rated list.

Price Considerations

The price of your electric shaver is something that will most likely be very important to you. Depending on what you want, you can get extra accessories, trimmers, charging stations and more. It’s much like a car on a smaller scale. If you want all the bells and whistles, your electric shaver is going to cost a lot more than one that just shaves your face.

Models can range in price from as low as £20 to as high as £300. However, you can get a very high quality electric shaver with many fantastic features for under £100 and you will find our number one rated shaver has been selected to fit these criteria.


And, there you have it – seven of the best electric shavers for men. These shavers will smooth out your stubborn stubble. Remember, however, that your choice of electric shaver depends on the shaver’s price, your budget, and whether you need a foil-style or a rotary-style shaver. For a short and thin beard or even sensitive skin, a foil shaver will work well. On the other hand, the rotary-style shavers work well for long and coarse hairs.

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