Best Epilators For Women

Best Epilators For Women

O you’ve finally realized that epilating is the best method to remove hair in your sensitive areas. It’s okay. It took a while for me to figure that out too. I’ve tried waxing and shaving but none of them is as efficient as epilating, not to say they can be quite painful too sometimes. Anyway, since epilators are different in terms of features and prices, it can be difficult for you to choose which to buy. No need to worry, though, because with my experience as a girl who routinely grooms, I will guide you to select the best epilator you can get for your money. Follow me along!

What Is an Epilator?

At a glance, you may see an epilator to be not too different from electric shaver. Indeed, both devices feature almost identical physical appearance. However, epilators incorporate multiple tiny tweezers, instead of razor blade. The tweezers will pull out a bunch of hairs from the roots as you glide the device along your skin. Depending on the model you use, there are 20 to 72 tweezers planted on an epilator’s head. The first epilator was manufactured for the first time in 1980s. Since then, technology has modified this grooming tool to be much more efficient. Needless to say, the addition of hypoallergenic parts also greatly reduces the pain.

Types of Epilator

As far as how the epilator is powered, you can choose between the corded and cordless epilators. The corded epilators are a great option for daily use at home. They are often called dry epilators too because to use them, you must be outside the shower area. As for the cordless models, they differ even further into the ones with rechargeable battery and ones with regular battery. They are ideal for traveling companion but have less power. In other words, you will need a little longer time to do your usual grooming. The good thing about them, however, is you can use it even when you’re wet.

Moreover, in terms of the head size, there are three more types of epilators. The biggest and most common one is used for arms and legs. Some epilators are geared with special heads that do an awesome job at removing your facial hair and one growing on your bikini line. A few others are designed specifically to be used on underarm areas. You may think about using common epilator on all parts of your body to save some money, but I don’t recommend it. You will probably end up hurting yourself. After all, the skin on your face and underarms are more sensitive than that on your arms.

Why Using Epilator

The main epilator benefit is when you use it, you are not cutting your hair, which will reduce the risk of getting any unnecessary irritation. Instead, you are pulling it off completely from the roots. It’s similar to waxing, indeed, but with waxing you will certainly end up with more mess to clean up later. You know, things with all those creams and liquids. Furthermore, compared to doing wax on a beauty salon, epilating your hair on your own is much cheaper. It’s true that the investment you need to afford upfront is quite steep but it will pay off overtime. Last but not least, you can do it everywhere, especially if you use cordless epilator.

I’ve listed below some of the advantages and benefits of using an epilator.

Cost: Purchasing an epilator is a one time expense at an affordable price. Low end units start at under £40.00 with top of the line epilators averaging around £100.00. Unlike razors, waxing, or salon visits there’s nothing else to buy – which in and of itself is quite appealing to most people.

Longer lasting hair removal: Because epilators grip and pull the hair from the root regrowth is much slower when compared to shaving. Most users experience 3 to 6 weeks between sessions. But that’s not all – over time hair regrowth diminishes substantially. The hair follicle is weakened every time it is pulled from the root resulting in slower regrowth and noticeably thinner, finer hair. Independent studies have shown that users who have been epilating for a few years experience much slower hair growth rates then when they first started.

Clean and easy: One of the best benefits of using an epilator is that the process is simple, easy to use and is not messy at all. No messy wax, gels or creams to worry about – unlike waxing or shaving epilating is a very clean method for removing unwanted hair. Perfect when traveling!

Perfect for using at home: Epilators allow you to remove hair in the comfort of your own home. No more trips to the salon or having to go buy other products – you can maintain silky, smooth skin conveniently at home. In fact, epilating gives much better results than waxing or shaving anyway.

Great for traveling: Epilators are small enough to be used anywhere, even when you’re traveling. Lightweight and easy to carry epilators are perfect for beauty care while on the go.

Finer, slower regrowth: Compared to using a shaver, epilators remove the hair from the root causing slower regrowth and finer hairs. Razors cause hair to grow back faster, thicker and more coarse. Epilation reverses this problem and just gets better and better over time.

What to Consider before Buying an Epilator

Clearly, selecting the best epilator is not a rocket science but you do need to take some aspects into account so you won’t regret your purchase. For example, the amount of tweezers on the epilator’s head. Like I said before, with different models and prices, come different number of tweezers that pull out your hair. The more tweezers mean, the shorter time you need to remove the hair. Next, check if the box also includes some nice additions like cooling gloves or massaging heads. You’re going to like those two because they help reduce the pain significantly.

Another nice thing you will want to have on your epilator is a built-in light. This is not very essential, by all means, but it helps spot some hair that will be otherwise unseen under normal light. That way, you can have cleaner results. The most important thing, however, decide whether you want to epilate on wet or dry condition. If you choose the first, then go get the cordless epilator. Make sure it is equipped with rechargeable battery. It’s more expensive but you will save on battery cost in the long term. However, if you prefer dry condition, then make sure you pick out an epilator that has long cord, so you can still move it freely without getting stuck.

Tips for Using Epilator

  • Choose branded  epilator ( dry or wet) with more attachments as it can be used for entire body.  Purchase the one with more tweezers as it lessens pain.
  • If you are going with the hair removing machines for first time then start this epilation at night time and of course for first time users it needs some more time when compare to others .
  • For the first time users just prepare well for pain.Why because epilator on first time usage may leads to little bit pain so that you can plan breaks for epilation with this epilators.  So holds the epilator on one hand while the other one holds the skin taut.So that this lessens the pain.
  • Exfloiate your skin a day before or on the same day you have to epilate as it plays key role in removing unwanted hair completely on your skin.
  • You may go with hair dryers if you are using dry epilators but keep your skin oil,dust and moisture free.
  • Turn on your device and start epilate opposite to the direction of the hair and keep the epilator close to the skin. It should be hold at 90 degrees.
  • Go over the hair for  couple of times if requires and epilate from bottom to top against the direction of hair growth.
  • If required change the speed of the rotating head to match the thickness of the hair. Usually Course hair on your legs may requires a faster speed when compared to other parts of our body.
  • Even fine hair on any other part of your body  can be extracted with a slower setting . And of course it may take some more time for people with sensitive skin return to normal after completion of epilation.
  • Ice , skin-soothing gels are the best things to cool skin after epilation and avoid using any clogging oil-based lotions as this may plug the tender pores and result in pimples.

Switching from shaving to epilating can be a huge step. While shaving can cause razor burns and darken your underarms, epilating can be a painful experience as you will literally have 30+ tweezers on your skin. However, if you want to have smooth, hairfree skin, then epilating is good for you.

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