Best Exercise Bikes in UK

Best Exercise Bikes in UK

If you are thinking of taking the plunge and buying one of the many reclining exercise bikes for sale today to fit in with your home fitness regimen or are just scoping out what kind of options are out there in regards to what home fitness equipment is out there, then the following guide should help you along the way to making that decision. Buying the best exercise bike doesn’t need to mean spending a fortune but instead means finding the right fitness cycle for your own personal requirements. This spotlight on home exercise bikes aims to help you make the right choice.

Why Buy An Exercise Bike?

Indoor stationary exercise bikes are one of the more popular pieces of exercise equipment found in home gyms and home fitness studios across the world. They offer a great cardiovascular and fat burning workout with special attention being paid obviously to the legs, butt and thigh areas.

They are also one of the few pieces of exercise equipment you can use comfortably whilst performing other activities. Watch TV, read a book, play your Gameboy, DS or even pick up a controller and play your Xbox 360 whilst you work out – you can do all this and more on a static indoor exercise bike, particularly on one of the reclining seat back recumbent cycles.

The recumbent style also features a high seat back which gives your lower back more support as you work out. If you have been turned off indoor bikes for this reason or suffer from lower back pain, then a reclining exercise bike with back support seat is definitely something you should strongly consider.

If you are short in time, use below comparison chart for the top 10 exercise bikes in UK. or else read the reviews below.

ProductTypeWeight LimitResistanceWarrantyRatingBuying Option
JTX Cyclo-5: Upright Gym Exercise Bike
Upright Bike 150 Kg16 Magnetic levels3 yearsBuy from Amazon
Bodymax B2 Exercise Bike
Indoor Bike125 kgAdjustable Friction resistance,13 Kg Flywheel1 yearBuy from Amazon
DKN AM-E Exercise Bike
Upright Bike140 Kg32 Magnetic levels2 yearsBuy from Amazon
Ultrasport F-Bike and F-Rider
Folding Bike100 Kg8 level2 yearsBuy from Amazon
JLL IC300 Indoor Exercise Bike
Indoor Bike130 KgFriction resistance,18 Kg Flywheel1 yearBuy from Amazon
XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike
Indoor Bike125 KgFriction resistance,15 Kg Flywheel1 yearBuy from Amazon
JLL RE100 Recumbent Home Exercise Bike
Recumbent Bike100 Kg8 Magnetic levels1 yearBuy from Amazon
LIFE CARVER BTM Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike
Indoor Bike120 KgFriction resistance,10 Kg Flywheel1 yearBuy from Amazon
iDeer Life Exercise Bike
Indoor Bike127 KgFriction resistance,11 Kg Flywheel1 yearBuy from Amazon
Marcy Azure RB1016 Recumbent Exercise Bike
Recumbent Bike110 Kg8 level manual2 yearBuy from Amazon
Finether Fitness Bike Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike
Folding Bike150 Kg8 Magnetic levels2 year Buy from Amazon

Recumbent Stationary Bikes vs. Upright Indoor Exercise Cycles

Possibly the biggest choice you will have to make when deciding which exercise bike is best for your needs is to choose between the two main frame types out there. In short, this means deciding whether you want the traditional vertical stationary bike style or the more relaxed exercise bike with reclining seat back style of frame.

In order to illustrate the differences between these two types of indoor cycle let’s take a look at them individually.

Stationary Upright Exercise Bikes
Upright Exercise Bike 2019
The upright style, as you can see from the image, is more like the traditional road bike you may or may not be used to riding. They will typically have adjustable seats and handle bars designed to suit all comfort levels and are typically smaller and cheaper than the recumbent bike as they use less materials to make.

The main advantage of the upright indoor cycle is they allow you to treat the bike as if it were a road bike, allowing you to stand up off of the seat to sprint or simulate hill climbing.

They also let you give your backside a rest from the uncomfortable seating if you opted for a cheap upright model.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

If you are not too worried about your choice of stationary exercise bike actually mimicing the format of a real street bike then you should probably look for a recumbent exercise cycle for sale for your home gym.

The main reason for this is simply because most users find reclining stationary gym bikes much more comfortable to use. The recumbent style puts you in more of a laid back seated position which offers better back support whilst still maintaining the optimal pedalling position. These reclining bike seats are adjustable to suit all shapes and sizes and the seats are generally larger and more comfortable than on an upright cycle.

The more comfortable your indoor static exercise bike is the more likely you are to keep using it!

Experts often recommend recumbent bikes for back pain sufferers and especially those with lower back problems, or those who find their back aches after using an upright gym bike, as they provide additional lumbar support which the upright cycle does not.

The drawback of gym bikes with a recumbent seat style is that they are larger and a little more expensive than upright bikes and you can not stand up on them to really ‘go for it’ as you can with an upright cycle.

So Upright or Recumbent?

Fans of upright cycles claim they can get a more intense workout whilst recumbent cyclists claim their choice is more comfortable and therefore allows them to use the machine longer and stick with their regime without it feeling like a punishment. Ultimately, as there is little consensus from experts as to whether one is better than the other either, the choice really comes down to which one YOU are more comfortable using.

Buying an Exercise Bike

So, you’ve chosen what frame type suits you best…now what?

There are a dizzying array of choices out there when it comes to brands, models, options and extras which can make looking for the best reclining exercise bike for your needs somewhat akin to looking for a needle in a haystack!

It is important to shop wisely for any home exercise equipment, in order to insure that it is something you will use on a regular basis; as such, you should avoid trendy or cute equipment.

So let’s look at some of the things you should be looking for when making your choice.

Comfort and Adjustability

The single most important thing to look for when comparing stationary bikes is whether they are comfortable for YOU to use. if it isn’t comfortable, you are very unlikely to stick to a regular exercise schedule. The seat of the exercise cycle should be comfortable and easily adjustable, and it lock securely in place; in the case of recumbent exercise cycles, it should also provide solid back support.Sit on one and try it out. If it’s not comfortable then you will quickly lose interest in using it.

Look especially for an adjustable seat height and handlebar adjustments, especially if you will share the use of the machine with other people.

If you are not the only person in your household who will be using the bike, then make sure that the adjustments which will need to be made to things like the seat height, handlebars etc. are easy to do as there is nothing more annoying than having to mess around with making these adjustments every time you want a workout.

Resistance – Belt or Magnetic?

The cheapest, noisy exercise bikes use belts to provide different levels of resistance through friction…and are generally, not recommended. The exercise bike belt is typically adjusted by hand which will interrupt your workout again and again. In addition, they are usually pretty loud and the nylon band will wear out over time, meaning you will have to find someone who sells exercise bike parts and buy a replacement belt or junk the machine and buy a new one.

Manually adjusted fitness machines are best to avoid wherever possible, especially when it means breaking up your workout to perform the adjustments.

The better choice is to opt for a variable magnetic resistance reclining exercise bike which can be controlled on the fly at the push of a button through the easily accessible control panel. Push button control of the resistance levels gives you a much more pleasurable workout as it means you do not have to stop exercising to make adjustments as you go along and can easily raise and lower the resistance levels to simulate hill climbing etc. rather than being stuck with a single, dull, flat level of resistance throughout.

Magnetic resistance should offer smooth operation and better long term durability over the belt driven alternative.

More On Manual vs. Automatic Adjustments

The more things you can adjust through the computer console or which will adjust automatically through a set program, the better you will like it.

Whilst an indoor reclining fitness cycle with a manually adjusted belt resistance etc. is sure to be cheaper just consider how this will effect your workout.

So, you want to climb a hill? Get off the bike, mess around with a knob, climb back on and start cycling again. Now, you want to go down the hill. Get off, mess with the knobs again…and so on. It’s distracting, annoying and will disillusion you fast with your new bike.

Now, consider the same scenario controlled by magnetic resistence through the control panel. Climb a hill? Press a button. Simple. Simpler still is using on of the built in programs which will automatically send you on a route which includes hills and dales without you having to make any adjustments at all!

Again – AVOID manual adjustments.

Built In Workouts and Fitness Feedback

What’s available through the display console?

Budget exercise bikes are likely to have very little…if they even have a display console in the first place.

Mid-level and higher end systems will have a variety of feedback mechanisms which will give you important information about your workout including such things as heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned, time taken, speed and more.

Opt for an exercise bike with lots of built in or programmable workouts as these routines and the feedback you get from the console are extremely good at keeping you motivated and give you goals to aim for during your next workout session.

Fan Height, Speed and Adjustability

Somewhat overlooked is whether your exercise bike has a fan attached to the cosole dashboard and whether it is likely to do the job it is intended for. Many fans are not adjustable and others do not have must strength to them even if they are. It’s not a feature if it doesn’t do the job. Look for an exercise cycle with an adjustable fan and a little bit of strength behind it. Better still, find one which has adjustable fan speeds through the dashboard computer.

Heart Rate Monitor

Budget exercise bikes are unlikely to have this feature at all but heart rate monitors can be bought separately.

Mid-range fitness bikes will have some for of pulse rate monitor, usually through pulse points on the handlebars whilst high end exercise bikes are more likely to have more accurate wireless heart rate monitoring devices as part of the set up.

Some bikes will have programs which will calculate your target heart rate and then adjust the resistence accordingly to ensure your work out is tailored to meeting these levels.

A heart rate monitor is important both for safety and to help you meet your training goals.

Stability and Durability

There’s only one way to test this – hop aboard! You should check whether the bike feels sturdy to you when you are using it. The last thing you want is to feel like you might fall off, or to heard things rattling and grinding whilst you are exercising. It’s distracting and you are less likely to feel comfortable using the bike if it feels like it might tip. It’s also an unecessary safety risk for you and those around you.

Weight Capacity

If you are overweight then you should definitely check out the recommended frame capacity before you make a purchase. Cheaper bikes may not be able to stand as little as 200lbs and sometimes less without over-stressing their frames. More expensive models can take much higher stress.

Warranty and Service Options

Look for the best warranty you can find. Some of the cheap exercise bikes have pretty pathetic warranty and there’s a reason for this – they are not expected to last very long! Some of these might have a warranty less than 6 months, some as little as 3 months.

A good warranty is a nice little indicator of the quality of the bike you are buying. Look for at least a year in a general warranty and expect to find a lifetime warranty on the frame.

If the company has no confidence in their bike then neither should you.

Price vs. Everything Else

It’s unfortunate but where exercise bikes are concerned, as with just about everything else in life, the saying “you get what you pay for” holds true and perhaps truer than most.

The price of an exercise bike will range from anywhere around £80 to upwards of £1000 depending upon the features it has, build quality etc. For a home user however, there are many very good quality exercise bikes out there for under £400.

Whilst it may be true that you can go out right now and pick up an indoor exercise cycle for around £80 and possibly less, you will also almost certainly be wasting your money.

These cheap exercise bikes are typically very poorly made, use the band form of resistance, have no exercise programs built in and in general are lacking in just about every other department which is almost certain to guarantee you will either lose interest in exercise bikes in general or be forced to go back out and buy another, more expensive model.

Just do not waste your time on a cheap exercise cycle.

Expect to pay at least £200 – £350 for something which has the basic features and £400+ for a higher end exercise cycle.

Noise Levels and Operation

The quieter the better when it comes to an exercise bike, especially one you will be using in your home, not just for your own convenience but for everyone around you. A noisy exercise cycle will quickly drive you to distraction, get in the way of listening to music, watching TV, reading or whatever else you are doing to pass the time whilst exercising. You might not be able to tell in the shop quite how loud you prospective choice is either so look around online for some reviews. Amazon is a great place to find lots of real user opinions on things like this.

Making Space For Your Exercise Equipment – Folding Exercise Bikes To The Rescue!

Let’s face it, an exercise bike, treadmill, elliptical trainer etc. is a pretty bulky piece of equipment and it’s not as if all of us have the extra space available to devote to it.

Not to worry there IS an alternative.

Some manufacturers have put the time and effort into remembering the people with little space at hand and brought out some rather nifty exercise bikes which fold down to a fraction of their size.

Naturally, these foldable fitness cycles are not as sturdy as their fixed frame counterparts, but have improved a lot since their inception.

Best Exercise Bikes in UK 2020

1. Bodymax B2 Exercise Bike
best exercise bikes UK
If you can’t go out on the road due to bad weather, you can get an indoor exercise bike to help you with your training. Obviously, you won’t get an outdoor-equivalent workout experience, but this exercise bike will make you feel more accomplished than usual by enabling you to do something as opposed to wearing your grumpy pants when you can’t make it outside. Believe us or not, you can get a fantastic workout from the use of this bike. For those who don’t know, this Bodymax B2 exercise bike weighs 34 kg, and it can accommodate a maximum user weight of 225 kg.
  • The saddle on this bike can be raised or lowered a few notches to suit all builds. And, it comes with all the tools needed to put together the bike without any fuss.
  • Other than the usual sound of the spinning wheel, the bike stays quiet. Given how smooth the bike runs, you will enjoy seeing the distance you have traveled and the calories you have burnt off.
  • The bike has loads of settings to help you vary the tension to get more out of your workout. Moreover, the bike features water bottle carrier along with a few more goodies—free water bottle, LCD, & heart rate monitor.
  • It’s a rather heavy bike. It would have been great if the bike was built from lighter materials. Everything said and done; it’s still possible to be extremely happy with all the other aspects of this exercise bike. Frankly speaking, you should not walk, but run to get this product.
2. DKN AM-E Exercise Bike
best exercise bikes 2019 UK
If road training isn’t an option for you at all times, you should get the DKN AM-E Exercise Bike without missing a heartbeat. In our professional opinion, this bike is a ‘must-have’ product for beginners as well as intermediate level fitness folks out there. It’s sturdy, almost noiseless, and the accuracy of the computer reading on this bike is second to none. Also, you will enjoy the smooth pedaling action on a bike of this quality. Therefore, this exercise bike should be a no-frills choice for anyone who is into general fitness. It has 32 different load levels with ample amount of challenge at the higher levels.
  • The saddle on this DKN AM-E exercise bike can be easily height adjusted, and the bike operates quietly without any hiccups. Not to undermine the fact that the bike comes with a different set of programs to add variety to one’s workout.
  • The bike is solid and well-constructed from top to bottom without a high-range price tag attached to it. And, the DKN AM-E Exercise Bike comes with a good value proposition. Yes, the makers offer a generous 2-year warranty on this exercise bike.
  • When queried, past users have confirmed that the bike can cope up well with the weight of heavier guys as well. Basically, this fitness bike is for any person who weighs up to 140 kg. The fact that it doesn’t make a lot of noise; it won’t upset anyone watching television in the same room.
  • Self-assembly might prove to be too much of a task for some of the customers out there. This isn’t to say that assembling the bike is a task from hell. But, be prepared for a time-consuming affair that will demand a lot of focus and attention.
3. Ultrasport F-Bike and F-Rider
top upright exercise bikes UK
If you are a kind of person who checks the ratings, analysis all feedbacks, and makes a hell lot of comparison before reaching out to your wallet, you could very well end up with this product. Yes, this fitness bike is highly rated across many platforms, and it’s easily one of the top-selling exercise bikes out there on the market today. Therefore, you will have little to no disagreement with your bank account over the purchase of this splendid fitness bike even if you are not an exercise junkie type of guy.
  • This Ultrasport bike is pretty sturdy and solid without being ridiculously heavy. The computer menu on this bike keeps track of your pulse, calories burned, miles ridden, and plenty of other workout stuff. And, it’s easy to assemble this exercise bike without any assistance.
  • The bike comes with eight different resistance settings. You are sure to get a good burn at the highest settings. Moreover, it’s easy to be impressed by the moving mechanisms of the bike. It operates smoothly, and it’s almost whisper quiet.
  • Compared to other fitness bikes, this one folds up easily. So, this bike can prove to be a perfect choice for small flat owners out there. Given the built quality and the product specs, you will feel like you have underpaid for an item in broad daylight.
  • The handbook on this exercise bike is pretty poor. It has minimal instructions, and the explanations are also clumsy at best. But, you should have no problems figuring things out on your own. Just playing around with the bike will get you to a point where you will learn things on your own.
4. JLL IC300 Indoor Exercise Bike
best indoor exercise bikes 2019
If you want to feel like a new man or a new woman, the JLL IC300 Indoor Exercise Bike can be of great help. It’s a nice and compact exercise bike for indoor use that can help you lose weight or stay fit from the comforts of your home. Truthfully speaking, it’s a sturdy and solid bike like the ones you find in a health club or a high-end gym. Not to forget the fact that it’s also splendid to look at. At 18kg of body weight, it comes in two different colors —white and black. And, this attractive exercise bike is good enough to support a human weight of 130kg.
  • Compared to the rivals, this bike has better and comfortable seats. So, the seat post won’t murder your groin. And, the bike can be easily adjusted to particular height requirements. Frankly put, this fitness bike almost replicates outdoor cycling like nothing else out there.
  • This exercise bike has durability written all over its body. Therefore, you will get loads of cycling out of this product for many years to come. Not to forget the fact that you will start building a lot of stamina with consistent use of this fitness bike.
  • There’s no place to mount a water bottle on this bike. It would have been great if the makers had given some thought to this at the time of product designing. Nevertheless, this drawback isn’t enough to not recommend a fitness bike of this quality for its asking price.
5. XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike
indoor exercise bikes UK
If you have decided to cancel your gym membership, this training bike can fill the fitness void. The XS Sports bike will appeal to beginners as well as avid fitness enthusiasts who are looking to build up their aerobic fitness from home. It performs almost the same as a well-made gym bike. Yes, this fitness bike is well balanced, well weighted, and it’s adjustable to suit different body types. Moreover, the race-type seat on the bike is well-padded and comfortable enough to support long spinning sessions without any fuss. Not to forget the fact that the bike offers enough resistance to suit individuals of all strength and fitness levels.
  • The XS Sports Aerobic bike features an ‘emergency stop’ button to stop the wheel at a moment’s notice for the sake of user safety. And, this is not one of those noisy bikes out there. You will only hear a slight humming sound.
  • This aerobic bike is easy to put together. If you normally hire someone to assemble things, you won’t feel the need to do so with this bike. And, the mob (past users) have spoken highly about this indoor training exercise bike.
  • The LCD display on this fitness bike shows all the vital workout stats. And, the bike comes with a high-quality aluminum water bottle. For those who are not aware, the bike is strong, stable, and sturdy enough to support 125kg max user weight.
  • This bike is not suitable for a more experienced fitness enthusiast who needs accurate fitness tracking. Yes, there are times when the pulse rate monitor gives spurious readings.
  • Adjusting the height on this bike can be a tricky affair. The saddle part is a tad bit stiff. Therefore, you might find it a little difficult to line up the seat in the desired hole when putting the pin back in place.
6. JLL RE100 Recumbent Home Exercise Bike
Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes UK
If you want to get fitter while watching Netflix, the JLL RE100 Recumbent Home Exercise Bike should be in your shopping cart. This home exercise bike is easy to construct, silent, compact, all at the same time. The icing on the cake is that it allows you to monitor your efforts. It’s easy to hop into this bike for half an hour or so and get some decent workout for your time without stepping out of your house. You can simply place the bike in front of your TV to make your daily workout a tolerable affair and to reap all the health benefits from it without getting bored till death.
  • It’s not a large and bulky thing. Therefore, this home exercise bike won’t prove to be a space-killer in your property. Keep in mind that it can still support a user weight of 100kg, and it comes with a 12-month home use warranty.
  • For workout variety, this bike comes with 8 levels of magnetic resistance. And, it takes no more than 30-minutes to construct this bike even if you are someone who is not good at following basic instructions.
  • With decent chrome fittings and sturdy frame, this bike works quietly. So, your neighbors won’t assume that you are using a vacuum cleaner whenever you are pedaling on this exercise bike. Although not sophisticated, the computer menus are pretty functional too.
  • The seat on this bike is not the most comfortable thing out there. That said, this problem can be easily eliminated by getting a better-cushioned seat. In summary, this indoor exercise bike is well-worth your money. It’s more than adequate for home use.
7. LIFE CARVER BTM Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike
Best Upright Exercise Bikes UK
The LIFE CARVER BTM Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike is a great option for some physical exercise from home. It’s an excellent model bike that can make a difference in your shape and size, while being easy on your wallet. Even if you are a novice in the ‘exercise bike world’ you can get this bike without any second thoughts. You will only end up saying ‘wow’ for the price you pay for this machine. For starters, this 22lbs belt driven LIFE CARVER bike is sold in three attractive colors—yellow, red, and green.
  • It’s a quiet friction powered bike. So, it won’t interfere with the TV sound. And, it needs simple assembly. Furthermore, this exercise bike features a 12-month product warranty to offer users a good value proposition for their money.
  • The seat on this bike is slightly wider than its rivals. And, the thing is extremely comfortable as well. So, it won’t prove to be a pain in the butt to pedal this fitness bike for long hours. And, the computer screen tells you everything that you need to know while pedaling.
  • This bike is not built for commercial use. Therefore, it won’t survive a gym environment or a surrounding with heavy use by multiple users. As advertised, this exercise bike is more suited for indoor cycling for an individual or his/her family at home.
8. iDeer Life Exercise Bike
iDeer Life Exercise Bike
If you are looking for an exercise bike that can easily withstand heavy duty use, the iDeer Life Exercise Bike should be in your radar. It’s a good enough product for older people, less fit individuals, and those in their physical prime as well. Frankly speaking, everything about this bike is almost right on the money. It’s easier to train on an exercise bike of this quality than going to the gym every day. Therefore, we would recommend this iDeer Life exercise bike without any reservations. You will enjoy racking up the miles on this high-quality exercise bike.
  • This fitness bike is built like a military tank. With a heavy-duty steel frame and top-shelf components, the bike can accommodate user weight up to 280 lbs. Therefore, this bike is a perfect fit for all the larger guys out there.
  • It has various upgraded resistance, and a smooth belt driven mechanism to deliver quiet, stable, and a road equivalent performance. And, the handlebars and the seat on this exercise bike are highly adjustable to allow multiple users to ride the bike.
  • The bike comes with a built-in LCD monitor to showcase workout stats (distance, calories, speed, etc.). Plus, it’s constructed with transport wheels to easily put the thing out of the way, when not in use. And, it won’t take a humongous effort to put this bike together.
  • There are no letdown features on this bike. Therefore, we won’t bitch about the product drawbacks because there are absolutely none. If your bank account is in agreement with the price of this electric bike, you can get it without the fear of going wrong.
9. Marcy Azure RB1016 Recumbent Exercise Bike
Marcy Azure RB1016 Recumbent Exercise Bike
If you are looking to get a moderate cardio workout from the four walls of your home without hurting yourself, the Marcy Azure RB1016 Recumbent Exercise Bike should fit the bill for you. It’s a great fitness bike for people of different height, weight, and sizes. For those who are unaware, the bike has seven different levels of seat adjustments. So, it can easily fit anyone between 5ft 2 inches to 6ft 4 inches tall. The best part is that the bike comes with a solid 2-year warranty on the frame and parts. And, it can support up to 110 kg of human weight.
  • It’s virtually silent during use. It’s also surprisingly stable for its seemingly light bodyweight. It may not be the prettiest commodity out there, but the bike’s body appears to be almost indestructible.
  • The easy-to-read computer screen displays the exact amount of calories burned along with other vital workout stats. Simply put, you can trust the readings displayed in front of your eyes.
  • This bike can easily meet the comfort standards of a high-end bike. There are pages after pages full of positive reviews for this bike. Not to forget the fact that this bike can be considered by guys with lighter wallets as well.
  • This is not one of those compact exercise bikes out there. It does take a fair amount of space on a property. This minor flaw aside, the Marcy Azure RB1016 Recumbent Exercise Bike is a well-rounded commodity that’s absolutely worth the money spent on it.
10. Finether Fitness Bike Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike
Finether Fitness Bike Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike
The Finether Fitness Bike Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike is a highly convenient option for people who live far away from the gym or don’t have enough time to make it to the gym every day. It comes equipped with resistance bands and foot straps to take one’s workout to a whole new level without shaving off extra money for additional exercise equipment. Appearance-wise, the bike doesn’t disappoint either. It’s possibly not a fitness maniac’s dream bike, but it would be hard to find an equally capable exercise bike for the price point of this product.
  • It’s not a professional machine. Yet, the pedal motion is smooth and easy. The seat is nicely padded, and the backrest is also second to none. It comes with a knob for seat adjustment. The bike is extremely quiet as well. The makers of this product have clearly paid due attention to all the details.
  • Given all the bike settings and eight different levels of magnetic resistance, this fitness bike makes exercise less of a chore. With plenty of choices for resistance and height adjustment, this bike is a great choice for an everyday relaxing workout and for high-intensity training. The bike can handle a human weight of 330 lbs.
  • The only negative observation is that the instruction manual contains some foreign language—Spanish. That said, there are relevant pictures to help you put together this exercise bike without frying your brain. Therefore, we won’t look at this as a governing factor for not considering a fantastic bike of this quality.

Exercise Bike Safety Tips

When beginning a new exercise routine you should always consult your physician especially if you have a medical history which might warrant particular care.

Start out slowly and build in to your routine. If you have not exercised for a while then there is little point in jumping on a bike and cycling hard for an hour…then being stiff as a board the next day and not being able to work out for a week! Start out slow and build up to whatever goal you have.

Another rule is to known your limits. If you should start feeling lightheaded or begin to feel dizzy whilst working out then stop rather than trying to push through it and risk harming yourself.

Also, consider what physical limitations and goals you have in choosing your exercise equipment. For example, anyone with lower back issues is much better suited to a recumbent exercise bike as these offer lower lumbar support whereas an upright exercise cycle does not.

Wear training shoes and make sure you actually use the straps on the pedals and keep your feet firmly in them. You don’t want your feet slipping off whilst in full flow as this can cause injury.

Keep kids and pets away from the machine. A whack from a pedal isn’t going to do anyone any good.

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