Best Lightweight Stroller Travel System Reviews

Best Lightweight Stroller Travel System Reviews

If you are looking for best lightweight stroller travel system for infants, the markets are filled with umpteen options. You will discover multiple brands offering innumerable products and given that most people look out for baby strollers, you have an outstanding variety for such products. If you are particularly looking for a baby stroller, you need to look out for some significant features before taking the final call. For instance, it should be well sheltered, light in weight and easy to move around with, and has the space to accommodate different things as well.

It is wise to settle for a good quality product because you do not want to pull out a guarantee card sooner for some fixes or issues. In fact, some first time to be parents often purchase strollers without much digging into the features, it is better to do the ground work and seek aid from all ends, even if it from someone who holds experience.

Top 3 Lightweight Stroller Travel System of 2020

1. Evenflo JourneyLite Travel System with Embrace
Evenflo JourneyLite Travel System with Embrace Review
This travel system from Evenflo is the perfect option for infants currently available in the market. It can encompass the right set of design and features for the infants. It is well-measured product, and incorporates as one of the best travel framework allowing mothers to fulfill all their needs and requirements.

In order to give the infant the much-needed comfort, the tray will turn around or away during lean passages and exists. In addition to this, you can change the seat position offering immense solace to the infant. It also comes with a guardian secured console along with stockpiling container for mothers, works as a great option for them. Moreover, if you wish to overlap, it only takes mere seconds allowing you to crease it into travel simple. This framework is definitely worth your time and money, light in weight and perfect for all-purpose.

Special Features:

  • When you hit the red button, it can fold the stroller in mere seconds.
  • Very light in weight.
  • Comes with lock brakes that allows you stop the unit from rolling down.
  • Provides extra storage for parents, where they can stuff their keys, phones etc.

2. Chicco Neuvo Compact Travel System
Chicco Neuvo Compact Travel System Review
When we speak of lightweight travel systems, Chicco Neuvo Compact Travel System comes as one of the few names associated with such products. The fact that it is light weighed and easy to use, it has gained immense popularity with its easy to use mechanism. This system comes with cup holders, a kid plate along with foldable container holders, wicker bin, and a movable and removable window. You can also lean back the seats, get a leg bolster, all this to give much needed comfort for the infant. You also get suspension wheels, front locking options that comes as a much needed safety feature.

This model comes with number 1 KeyFit 30 child auto seat, which means more security and your baby weighing between 4 up to 30 pounds can be at much ease. The cushioned seat helps the infant feel relaxed, seek comfort for both back, neck, base and head. The locking system via the belt is very simple, and easy to do.

The locking system with this model is very secure and straightforward as opposed to many of its contemporaries. Moreover, if you wish to level the base, it is quite simple using the spring level foot option. While all the best features are incorporated in this device, you also have the air pockets on both ends and base shields for the seats.

Special Features

  • Many positions at the bay, comes with a reclining seat and offers a 5-point harness.
  • Very convenient, compact and easy to fold.
  • Leg resting feature available at two positions.
  • Suspension shocker in all wheels.
  • Comes with KeyFit 30 baby seat.

3. Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Travel System
Graco Fastaction Fold Stroller Click Connect Travel System Review
This fold click connect travel system from Graco FastAction is one of the best options for on-the-go parents. It is perfectly light in weight and does not require much space. In addition to this, one single step and it gets packed up in an instant. Moreover, the dependable safe snap interface also known as the SnugRide is built in the system. The good news is that it comes with a one-year warranty; much needed for current generation consumers.

Special Features:

  • Comes with built in holders for keys, phones and other items.
  • You can easily lock the wheels from rolling down.
  • Comes with an organiser tray.
  • Use only one hand to fold this lightweight travel system.
  • Baskets with extra-large space.
  • You can recline the seats.
  • Easy to move it from one spot to another.

How to Choose the Best Lightweight Stroller Travel System

If you have infants to cater to, a stroller comes as a very useful means. It not just helps you conveniently and comfortably moving from one stop to another and it allows you to be certain of your baby’s comfort.

Instead of buying an auto seat, you can simply join the two, and avoid purchasing the other one. For instance, you might like the Disney Stroller; you cannot place a random auto seat to it. It might be difficult to set them together and dismantle it when its use is done. Therefore, it is wise to go in for a travel framework in order to avoid such hassles.

  • Product Quality- it is vital to settle for a top quality product. Often people buy anything that appeals their eyes, being hasty costs some dissatisfaction later. Therefore, prioritise on the quality aspect.
  • Spacing- overall it should be a decent size travel system, however, if you are particular on having additional pockets and holders, you must look around for a product that fulfills your requirements.
  • Auto seat and Stroller Combinations– it is wise to check in on these combinations before taking the final decision. The markets have enough to offer, so look around enough and decide wisely.
  • Weight- when your prime criteria is to buy a lightweight stroller travel system, ensure that the chosen design or product fulfils this criterion.


Markets are filled with innumerable options as far Baby Travel Systems are concerned, but if you are looking for nothing but the best, then the above-mentioned options are meant for you. Analysing and comparing these products from the umpteen options, these are a few handpicked options that will suits all your requirements, as they are highly useful, durable and cost effective options. In addition to this, they come with easy to use mechanism, not letting you stress over the difficult mechanisms.

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