Best Pull Up Bars

Best Pull Up Bars

Pull up bars in your home are a truly excellent way to get in shape, build great upper body muscle and body tone and increase overall fitness levels. Thousands of people sign up for gym memberships when they could create a perfectly effective and much cheaper workout regime in their own homes using simple exercise equipment such as doorway pull up bars.

If you have a busy work schedule and you don’t want your precious free time to be taken up traveling to and from the gym, then this sort of investment could be ideal for you. You can use a doorway pull up bar in multiple ways to work out your entire upper body, and you can do it whenever you have a spare 20 minutes or half and hour, before or after work, just before you sleep or any time.

Best Pull Up Bars in UK 2021

ProductTypeLength of barWeight CapacityRatingPrice
Trend-Welt door-mount pull-up bar
Doorway - Telescopic72-105 cm300 kgCheck Price on Amazon
DOBEN Professional Door Pull-up and Chin-up Bar
Doorway - Telescopic60-100 / 85-130 cm200 kgCheck Price on Amazon
DTX Fitness Squat Rack Power Cage With Pull Up Bar
Free standingHeight: 221 cm Width: 134 cm Depth: 119 cm200 kgCheck Price on Amazon
Gravity Fitness Power Tower - Pull Up
Free standingHeight: 210 cm Width: 105 cm Depth: 131 cm135Check Price on Amazon
Gallant Authentic Wall Mounted Chin Up Pull Up Bars
Wall Mounted100 cm 100 kgCheck Price on Amazon
Body Sculpture Body Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar
Doorway - Leverage Mounted60-80 cm100 kgCheck Price on Amazon
Ultrasport 2-way Pull-Up Bar
Doorway - Telescopic63.5 - 93 cm100 kgCheck Price on Amazon
Mirafit Heavy Duty Black & Orange Multi Grip Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Wall Mounted120 cm150 kg Check Price on Amazon

Types of Pull up bars

Free Standing Pull Up Bars: Although these are probably the most expensive kinds of pull up bars available, they do have 2 big perks: (1) You don’t have to latch the bar to the door every time you want to use it. (2) Often, free standing pull up bars come in a 4-in-1 machine.

Doorway Pull Up Bars: These may not be expensive, but if you have a strong door frame, they work extremely well. I am currently 160 pounds, and purchased a low-end door pull up bar which I have now had for 3 years, without a single problem. A doorway pull up bar attaches to the inner panel of your door frame. They are designed in such a way that it can easily easily removed from the door frame when not in use.

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars: These go directly into your wall, and have to be screwed in. I like these because they don’t take up any space, they’re up and on the wall for good, and they’re extremely basic. If made incorrectly though, your face and knees may smash into the wall with every pull up.

Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bars:These are great, because they’re high up, out of the way, and relatively sturdy. Again, you attach it to the ceiling and it’s good to go.

What To Lookout For in Pull up bars

I know that you’re extremely excited to get your hands on a doorway pull up bar, but remember, they’re not all created equally. Be sure to look through the checklist below. I created this checklist to allow you to make sure the product you’re purchasing meets some important requirements. At least, these requirements were important to me, so I figured they may be important to you too.

Product Price: Don’t spend more than $50.00. There are many great doorway pull up bars on the market for under $50.00. There’s absolutely no reason you should spend more than that amount, period.

Product Features: Count the number of grip positions: Some door pull up bars are pretty standard, but the Heavy Duty BMP Doorway Chin Up Pull Up Bar has a good number of grip positions available. Be sure your pull up bar has more than the standard grip positions.

Look for grip complaints: Not all grips are created equally. Make sure the pull up bar you’re purchasing is made with comfortable and durable grips. You don’t want to purchase something you’re going to have to fix up, after only a few uses.

Weight capacity: For door pull up bars, it’s not just about the bar itself, it’s also about the strength of your door frame. Still, it’s a great idea to look into the weight capacity of the bar before making a purchase.

Product Durability: Look for durable grips. As I said above, you want comfortable, durable grips. You don’t want to purchase bar where you’re going to have to replace the grips. Look out for the product’s overall durability. Are reviewers complaining that the pull up bar broke or fell apart? If so, you may want to simply stay clear, and continue your search for a better bar.

Benefits of Pull Ups

There are many benefits to doing pull ups. In fact, pull ups are probably one of the best upper body exercises that you can do for yourself.

  • Build Strength: Pull ups will make you stronger, plain and simple. There’s a reason why the military has their soldiers perform pull ups; They’re simply one of the best upper body exercises you can perform for strength building.
  • Build Size: If you’re trying to get big, using your own body weight by performing an extremely effective exercise works really well.
  • Grappling Strength: If you’re in a sport which involves any kind of grappling, pull ups are a great way to increase your grappling strength.
  • Increase Bench & Overhead Press: Performing pull ups increases your strength in 2 other exercises. Specifically, if you perform pull ups, you will increase your strength in bench press and overhead press.
  • Improve Shoulder Health: Working all of your muscles prevents muscle imbalances. By performing pull ups, you’re working your shoulders. Basically, pull ups are a good exercise to include in a well-rounded workout.

Advantages of pull up bars

Many other kinds of pull up bars can go for as much as $100.00, if not more. Doorway pull up bars are probably the least expensive on the market.

Takes up 0 square footage
This statement obviously falls through for ceiling and wall mounted pull up bars as well, but not for free standing ones. Many people are already short on space, so unless your doorway is blocked by trash, you will have room for a doorway pull up bar.

Many grip positions
More than any other kind of pull up bar, I noticed that doorway pull up bars have many grip positions. They have the standard position, amongst many others.


Now that I have shared with you the benefits of using doorway pull up bars, let’s go ahead and look into the drawbacks. For starters, doorway pull up bars do not fit in all door frames. Since they go within the doorway, you will have to leave your door open while using the bar. Finally, you will probably find yourself always reattaching and detaching the bar from your door.

If you live in a manufactured home or a home with door frames that are less than satisfactory, the doorway pull up bar you purchase just might not work for you. It’s always good to check measurements of your door frame, along with the pull up bar before making any final purchasing decisions.

You have to workout with your door open
People who workout at home often like to workout in private. With a door pull up bar, you will have to perform pull ups with your door open.

Always detaching and reattaching the bar
This can actually get pretty annoying. I love working out with my door closed. Since I am doing P90X, on chest and back days, I am constantly detaching and reattaching the bar to the door. This can get pretty old pretty fast.

How to start your pull up routine!

Whoever told you body weight exercises are easy either lied to you or has never in his life performed a pull up workout. When you are going to perform a pull up you can’t pick lighter weight to start off like you can in weight training, when performing a pull up you start with your whole body weight. This for me is the true test of fitness, if you are able to pull up your whole body weight you must be in good shape otherwise you wouldn’t be able to perform such a feat. A lot for these huge body builders that we attribute all these qualities of strength and fitness when it comes down to it they are not able to even perform one rep of a pull up workout.

This exercise costs you nothing it can be performed nearly anywhere, your park or local jungle gym probably has some pull up bars you can get to work on but if you don’t have any bars around you can still buy a doorway pull up bar for just a few bucks. You can base your whole upper body workout around a pull up workout since it works out all of your upper body’s muscle groups if you employ its different variations. If you want to get a fit, athletic body that not only looks strong but is strong then let go of the weights and find a pull up bar you can get to work on.

How to gain more strength with pull ups!

Pull ups are a great exercise to measure your strength, if you can perform a pull up you must be in shape because this is one of the more challenging body weight exercises out there. But if you have been doing a pull up workout for a while then regular pull ups might come easy to you.

First off let me clarify that strength and muscle mass are not directly related, as the great Russian strength training coach Pavel says “Strength is a skill”. You already have enough muscle mass to gain huge amounts of strength, us humans get to use 20% of our muscle mass if we are lucky. Muscle fibers are recruited by the brain and in order to grain more strength you should focus on teaching your brain to recruit more muscle fibers instead of focusing on gaining muscle mass

To gain raw strength you need to perform and exercise that is so hard that you could only perform 2-3 reps, power lifters increase their lifting weight to do so. But since you got a pull up bar and you are pulling your own body weight up you have no choice but to use your own weight and you can’t increase it unless you hang some weigh plates around your waist which I don’t recommend. What you can do however is make your brain think you are actually lifting a real heavy weight while performing the pull up, your brain can’t tell the difference anyways.

In order to do this you need to flex your muscle as tight as if you are really lifting that weight and perform the pull up at the same speed as you would perform it if you were lifting that weight. A thing I do is grip the bar as hard as possible because if your muscles that are flexed recruit their neighbor muscles for strength so my griping the bar hard your forearms start recruiting the rest of your arm and so on.

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