Best Shower Chairs for the Elderly

Best Shower Chairs for the Elderly

Slippery surfaces in the bathroom are always a hazard, but it’s something we don’t usually take seriously while we are young. However, as we grow older and moving around becomes more difficult, showering or getting out of the shower can become a serious danger. Shower chairs, also known as bath stools, can be of great help in providing independence and a peace of mind to anyone having trouble stepping in and out of the shower. We’ll review 5 high-quality shower chairs suitable for most bathrooms to help you find the right one.

Best Shower Chairs in UK 2021
Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Rotating Rounded Shower Stool With Swivel Seat
best shower chairs for elderly UK

This shower chair made by Drive DeVilbiss is a simple and highly functional model. The footprint of this chair on the floor is only 33cm wide and 33cm deep which it’s very compact and will fit in virtually every shower or bath. The height can be easily adjusted with a push of a button, from 34 to 52cm, so this chair can be set to the right height for most adults.

The seat is round and can be rotated, which is very convenient as it allows for more flexibility and makes it easier to reach for objects around you. The top of the seat can be removed for easier cleaning.

The lightweight aluminum tubing frame combined with the round seat design results in a chair that’s easily portable and can be useful inside and outside the shower. It can also be flat packed in case you want to store it away. Rubber caps on the feet of the chair provide a good grip on wet surfaces and they leave any marks on the floor.

Overall, the Drive DeVilbiss shower chair is a great solution for easy and safe showering. It’s not too big, but it still provides enough comfort and stability. The rotating seat is also a great addition. The only thing it doesn’t have are armrests. but if you find you need them, you can always install handles on the walls of the shower.

Deluxe Height Adjustable Aluminum Bath / Shower Chair

Deluxe Height Adjustable Aluminum Bath

This wide and stable chair can really make showering worry-free for anyone. The slightly rounded seat makes it very comfortable and there are drainage holes added to make it less slippery. This Deluxe shower chair also has a supportive backrest and handgrips on the seat. Showerhead holders on both sides of the seat are a unique addition and most users will find them very convenient.

The frame is made of aluminum which allows it to be durable, lightweight and resistant to corrosion and rust. Suction style tips on the legs provide an excellent grip on wet surfaces and the legs are positioned at an angle to provide even more stability.

Because of the angled legs, the footprint of this chair is 46 x 40.5cm on the lowest height setting, but it’s 49.5 x 46cm on the highest height setting. The seat itself is 51cm wide, which is significantly wider than many other shower stools. The height can be adjusted from to 51cm in 2.5cm increments.

The chair is easy to assemble without any additional tools, you just need to tighten the screws underneath the seat. The screws have large plastic wing nuts so this is very easy to and takes no time. This is very useful if you want to remove the seat to wash it.

NRS Healthcare M48295 Shower Chair
NRS Healthcare M48295 Shower Chair
If you are looking for a sturdy shower chair with a high weight capacity, then the NRS Healthcare M48295 might be the one you need. This chair can securely withstand weights up to 165kg. The space this chair takes up on the floor is 54.5 x 45cm which is quite large but also makes it exceptionally stable. It will still fit in most showers, but it’s not suitable for standard bathtubs.

The seat and backrest are made from one piece of durable plastic. The seat is nicely curved and there are holes in the seat and the backrest that allow water to flow naturally while showering.

The frame is made of tubular steel coated with plastic and it features armrests that are quite high. The armrests make it virtually impossible to slip out of the chair and provide great support for moving around the shower. The rubber feet on the legs of the chair prevent slipping on wet surfaces.

Days Lightweight Height Adjustable Shower Stool
Lightweight Height Adjustable Shower Stool
This rectangular shower chair has raised aluminum handles on both sides of the seats. They are perfectly positioned to provide support when raising or sitting down.

The aluminum frame is impact resistant, durable and lightweight. Aluminum also takes prolonged exposure to water exceptionally well as it is completely resistant to corrosion and rust and the tips of the legs are made of rubber to prevent slipping. The seat can be clipped off which comes in handy when you want to clean the chair. The seat is wide enough for comfortable showering, being 37cm wide and 27cm deep.

The height of the seat can be adjusted from 46 to 58.5cm and the maximum user weight is 160kg which is quite high. Overall, this is a well-designed and sturdy shower stool that will provide a perfectly comfortable and safe showering to anyone.

Aidapt Shower Stool
Aidapt Shower Stool 2018
The Aidapt Shower Stool is a great example of a strong, durable stool that serves its purpose. The legs are made of tubular steel which is exceptionally sturdy and impact-resistant, but still not too heavy. Non-slip rubber caps on the feet ensure your safety while showering.

This chair has a 39cm wide and 29cm deep rectangular seat. There is no backrest, but there integrated handgrips in the seat which provide stability when getting in and out of the shower, as well as while showering. The seat is slightly curved, which is a great idea because it makes the seat feel even more stable and comfortable. Drainage holes prevent water from gathering in the curve of the seat.

The height adjustment system is easy to use. It’s quite similar to walking sticks with height adjustment – you’ll need to twist each leg to release the catch and the push up or down to set the stool to the desired height. There are 8 height adjustment settings, with the chair being 39cm high on the lowest setting and 56.5 on the highest.

A star screwdriver is needed for assembly, but clear instructions are provided and the process is pretty simple as there are only 2 parts to put together. Shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Shower Chairs for the Elderly Buying Guide

With so many shower chairs, stools or benches available it can be hard to make a choice. So how to find the one that’s perfect for your needs? Here are a couple of factors you should consider before making a choice.

First of all, think about your space. Do you need a chair that’s small and compact and do you need it to be foldable for storing away? It’s best to measure the space you have in your shower and check the dimensions of the chair you want to buy.

Some shower chairs can carry more weight than others, so think about the weight capacity you need. NRS Healthcare M48295 Shower Chair and Days Lightweight Height Adjustable Shower Stool are both great examples of shower chairs with high weight capacity as they are safe for users up to 160kg. The seat itself should also be big enough to comfortably fit the user.

When you need a shower chair as a temporary solution during injury recovery, you don’t need to worry about durability. However, elderly adults often need shower chairs that will last for a long time. For maximum durability, look for shower chairs that are made from materials that won’t be damaged by water. Aluminum frames are a great option because they are very lightweight.

Finally, shower chairs come with a variety of additional features. If you are looking for a chair with full back support, Deluxe Height Adjustable Aluminum Shower Chair comes with a supportive and comfortable backrest. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Rotating Rounded Bath/Shower Stool, on the other hand, does not have a backrest, but provides superior maneuverability thanks to the rotating seat.

Every shower chair should have non-slip feet in order to be safe for use on wet surfaces. Other useful features you might want to look for include, adjustable height, non-slip seats, armrests or handles and drainage holes. The Days Lightweight Height Adjustable Shower Stool has raised handles that are very convenient and the Aidapt Shower Stool has handgrips integrated into the seat, for example.

Investing in a shower chair will not only ensure the physical safety of elderly members of the family, but it can also have psychological benefits. Having a shower chair will allow them to be more independent and boost their confidence.

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