Bouncing Back After Pregnancy

Bouncing Back After Pregnancy

Now that your baby has finally arrived, no matter what body type you have, right after the birth there will still be a sizable bump. Every body is different so no two ladies will “bounce back” the same way or at the same time.

During pregnancy organs and skin have all adjusted or moved to accommodate your baby. Your body has gone through some major changes. The uterus has to shrink back to a very small non-pregnant size and stomach muscles need time to drift back together. This can take about 4-8 weeks or more, depending.

Most important things you can do during the first postpartum time are: rest when possible, eat healthy and care for your baby.

When should You start exercising ?

Take care of yourself before and during pregnancy. Wait for your doctor to give you thumbs up and start exercising when you’re feeling ready. It´s not a bad thing to want to return to your pre-pregnancy shape as soon as you want after having a baby but at least wait 8-12 weeks. I fully believe that bouncing back to “myself” boosted my energy, confidence and my emotional strength and I believe it made me a better mom.

Does exercising impact Your breast milk supply ? 

There has not been done any real research that can show a correlation between exercising mothers and depleting breast milk supplies however mothers report a different experience. But what you can do to not have depleting milk supply is drink enough water. You can burn up to 500 calories extra per day with breastfeeding therefore it is important that you get enough water and proper nutrition.

Postpartum exercises

Once you are ready you can start exercising three to four times per week for 20 minutes and slowly increase your time. Focus on whole body exercises such as jumping jacks, burpees, jogging, walking, plank. Save the abdominal exercises for later. You do not want to resume intense abdominal exercises before your pelvic floors or abdominal muscles are ready..

  • Sign up for parent-baby fitness classes
  • Invest in a jogging stroller. You can utilize it for a workout of cardiovascular and strength building.
  • Put exercise on your to do list. Experts agree that exercising after giving birth is good for your overall health and reduces the risk of postpartum depression.

Nutrition for nursing mums

I recommend keeping bottle of water always by your side. Breastfeeding will give you thirst. Limit fruit drinks and soft drinks, all of them contain added sugar. You can make your own at home with vegetables and fruits.

Don´t diet. It´s not the time to count calories but focus on healthy foods such as

  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • high fat low sugared dairy
  • whole grains
  • lean meats
  • fish
  • eggs
  • salmon

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