Common Lip Problems: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Lip problems are shown by symptoms such as your lips becoming chapped or dry or even by cold sores. These kinds of symptoms are annoying because not only do they look horribly but they also sting and get in the way of normal everyday activity such as eating or putting on makeup.

Why lip problems occur?

The most common manifestation of lip problems is obviously lip chapping and dryness. The reasons however can span from a normal lipstick allergy to an actual disease that is affecting you. Hence it is important that if you are suffering from chronic lip chapping that you should considering looking up the reason why this is so.

What are common lip problems

It is important to orient yourself with the different kinds of lip problems. An example of these would be:

1.Cold sores

Cold sores can come up because of different reasons such as sun exposure, dietary changes, trauma, menstruation and even your run of the mill everyday stresses. Its symptoms include a sort of tingly or prickly feeling which is followed by a feeling of tenderness in the area and it is only then that it will turn into a blister. Scientifically it is known as Herpes Simplex I, not surprisingly it ahs been reported that up to 90% of the people of the United States of America have come in contact with this disease.

Lip balm or even petroleum jelly can offer a bit of relief from the chapping. You can also opt for a lip balm that contains an analgesic so that it may help ease the pain. It will take around a week to heal up however once you have contacted a cold sore it is possible that you will get another one in the same area if you’re not careful.

2.Fever blisters

It got its name because people with fever have reported getting blisters on their lips. Fever Blister is actually used with and is related to cold sores. It is a viral infection that comes from Herpes Simplex I. Similar to that of cold sores, you will get painful blisters on the lips. It will however heal in four to tend days. Just be careful with coming into contact with other people since fever blisters are contagious in nature. Also avoid touching the area in order to avoid any more infection.

3.Lip dryness

Lip dryness can occur because of different reasons such as the weather, an allergic reaction to your lipstick or lip gloss, dehydration and just about anything. A good moisturizing lip balm will help your lips heal up.

4.Chapped lips

In relation to lip dryness, people get chapped lips because of similar reasons. Causes such as dehydration or the weather (winter time, sitting in a air conditioned room for a long time), constant lip licking (this remove syour lips’ natural moisture hence drying out your lips) and even too much sun exposure can make your lips chap. A good lip balm, preferably with quite a bit of SPF on it could just help your lips heal.


Aging also brings with it wrinkles and dry skin. By logic it also brings about dry skin on your lips. This however can be helped and with the use of the right products can be avoided.


Remember to buy a lip balm with a full spectrum of SPF protection this means protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Remember to use this even on days that seem cloudy and always reapply constantly. This practice lessens the damage brought upon by the sun’s harsh rays and lessens the chances of you contacting skin cancer.


The symptoms of cheilitis are inflamed and irritated lips, or in the case of angular cheilities, red and sore mouth corners. These are a bit more serious compared to the others in a list and need to be checked by a doctor. However the treatment will usually just consist of antibiotic or antifungal ointments.

Natural ways to treat lip problems

1. Wear lip balm and constantly reapply it.
2. Go for a lip balm with SPF that protects against both UVA and UVB rays.
3. Wear a scarf around your neck, to cover your lips, during the winter when the winds are a little rough.


Lip problems, although a bit common, are easy to remedy and fix. I hope this article has helped you greatly. Remember, a good lip balm can go a long way!


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