Cuteness and style galore with curly hair cuts

Women having curly hair don’t find it easy to style their hair and take care of them. It’s a difficult task to manage curly hair in presentable manner. If you are someone who has curly hair, you must be looking for hair care tips and a know how on the different types of curly hair cuts as you would be facing a lot of problems associated with them. Well, to begin with, curly hair breaks easily as they are very fragile and brittle. And what makes it even more difficult to manage them is that they are very coarse in texture, frizzy, dry and thick. Most people consider chemically straightening their hair as the only solution as they are tired of trying number of haircut and not getting the look they want and none of the hair styling techniques works on their hair. Below are some tips and hair styles that will make you fall in love with your curls.

Taking care of curly hair

Curly hair needs a lot of care and given below are tips to take care of your curly hair. However, the bottom rule from ages lies that one should oil their hair for at least an hour once in a week to keep the natural oils well maintained and balanced.

  • Wash your hair a minimum of twice and week and use a conditioner after the wash. If you need to wash them more than twice a week then avoid using shampoo every day, just wash with water and apply conditioner.
  • Don’t brush your hair while it’s wet.
  • To disentangle your hair, use a wide tooth comb to avoid breakage and damage of hair by brush and narrow tooth comb.
  • Apply a hair serum will help you comb your hair easily.
  • Go for a hair spa treatment at least once a month.

Different ways to style your curly hair

While there are a few haircuts that you can have, you should also be aware of how to style your hair.

Messy Top Knot: Trying this hairstyle of humid days when your hair is unruly is recommended. If you quickly need to fix your hair, tie a high bun and pull down some disheveled hair to get some curls on your face and get a chic look. Apply serum on loose ringlets.

Perfect Waves: To create perfect loose waves, work with small sections of hair with a large round brush while aiming the blow dryer in the downward direction and then use a wide-barrel curling iron. To finish off, use a hair clip and look beautiful.

Sophisticated Chignon: This is the last thing that comes to your mind if you have curls, but you can definitely style your hair like this. Use a blow dryer or flat iron to dry up your curls straight. If volume is an issue, then backcomb your hair. Tie your hair into a tight bun using a mixed bristle brush and use a hair spray to keep them in place.

Curly hair looks beautiful on girls and it can make a girl look very beautiful. It is a wrong notion that there cannot be many haircuts when it comes to curly hair. But the truth is that the fashion trends offer a number of hair cuts for the ones who have curls. A short hair cut is suitable for the ones who have a small face. Curly hair cuts look trendy and smart and can make a girl look innocent and hot as well. If the length is kept short then it looks really smart and can be the best on formals. A simple U shaped cut also looks good on curly hair. It gives the bounce and the volume to the hair and makes the girl look pretty and trendy. The cuts for curly hair are usually a little tricky. If the cuts have more volume on the top then the lower part of the hair loses the density and it does not look good then. But if the hair can be cut in proper layers then it will look smart and trendy on the girl. Sometimes a long curly hair cut gives the look of a girl next door and is usually suitable for the ones who are fair. Curls suit all face types, just that the right hair cut is needed.

curly hair cut

Look trendy with your curls

Sometimes a little messed up cut looks good when there are curls on the hair. It is important to make sure that the hair is moisturized and nourished otherwise it may be too messy. A simple haircut is suitable for the ones who have curly hair as opposed to those who have long straight hair. They do not need to mess around with the hair much or else it may spoil the entire look. Sometimes a haircut which has straight strands on the top and curls in the lower part also looks good and pretty. Hair cuts should suit the face of the person. If the person has a small face then he or she must make sure that there is not much volume. Otherwise the hair covers up the face and it does not look that great.

A haircut with a top knot can also be suitable for people who have curly hair. Short length also looks good on people who have curls. Curly hair cuts especially look cute on kids. Many actors and actresses have their hair curled to be able to have nice looks on the red carpet or on parties. Curly hair suits all people. It is just that it should be carried in the right manner. Curls can be colored as well to give that perfect finish to the look. The most important part of curly hair cuts is that it has to be well maintained. It must be conditioned properly and there must be proper use of serum. If curly hair becomes dry then it looks really messy and it spoils the look. Curly hair makes a girl look sweet and simple and a perfect hair cut is the cherry on the cake.


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