Food and nutrition trends not to follow

Trends in fashion are similar to food trends which sometimes end up as disasters or embarrassments even decades after. Ever recall wearing bell bottoms or platform shoes that now make you want to cringe? Well, the same goes for food and nutrition trends, except that they affect your longevity and health!

For instance, the avocado is making a comeback in a new way thanks to mainstream media channels – everywhere from The Dr. Oz Show to The Doctors there’s a dish that is so popular that people are doing it on a weekly basis! It’s half an avocado baked with an egg. That seems harmless right? Actually, it’s not, because as soon as the good and healthy fat from an avocado is heated it becomes unhealthy oil and full of free radicals! What is full in phytonutrients, omega 3 and omega 6 fats (ratio of 10:1 with omega 6 being higher) and vitamins is now somewhat similar to eating junk food.

Trends come and go, but sometimes they stick! People unknowingly and innocently follow trends for years not realizing that the best option is to use your own head and be informed through multiple sources such as varied books before making a decision rather than blindly following celebrities like Kim Kardashian with her plug for a certain brand of waist trainer (the company is now being sued) Dr. Oz . Not everything you see and hear is healthy just because its told by a “leading expert” on television or the news.

Coconut butter or even its oil is seemingly healthy in small amounts, but when you listen to Jimmy Fallon’s breakfast regime and follow it to the letter, you realize just how silly it is. First, take out the excess oils (processed foods) from your diet and then add a small amount of this health food in its natural form but keep in mind it’s also processed when bought as a butter or oil. The interesting part about it is that again when it’s heated in your morning coffee like Jimmy Fallon shows, it’s already turned into an unhealthy form. Although it’s not fried, it still is heated up because we boil water at such a high temperature to make our hot drink we end up taking out the healthy parts of the butter such as medium chain triglyceride and replacing them with free radicals!

Flax seeds and others such as chia and hemp seeds high in omega 3 fatty acids and fiber (particulary flax seeds). With their natural oils and healthy fatty acids when put in commercial goods and baked for instance, they act the same as the above two foods turning from a perfectly healthy food to a disaster once processed and baked or cooked. Most foods are best eaten raw and in their most natural form – once they are heated it changes their chemistry making it unhealthy. Flax seeds can be freshly ground and taken 1-2 tbsp’s every morning. Chia seeds around 1-2 tbsp’s can be soaked and added to freshly squeezed juice. Lastly, hemp can be eaten in its natural form 1-2 tbsp’s as well.

Heating ground flax seeds, coconut butter and avocado results in a loss of nutrients and creates free radicals which damage our cells, reduce our immunity, and leave us susceptible to disease.

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