How to get thicker hair: What hurts and what helps

How to get thicker hair: What hurts and what helps

Thick, luxurious, healthy hair is a challenge to achieve, especially for those who have never tried products other than the cheaper buys from their local drugstore. Some products can be damaging to your hair, whereas others can uplift it, strengthen it, make it thicker, and help it to grow. If you’re looking to have thick, luxurious hair (because who isn’t?) then chances are you would love to know the ingredients to look out for the next time you are buying hair products.

Ingredients that Promote Hair Thickness and Strength
Some ingredients that promote hair thickness and strength can be found naturally in the Amazon Rainforest. These ingredients are known to provide several benefits to the hair, scalp, and personal wellbeing. Here are a few ingredients that you should consider when purchasing hair products to help strengthen and thicken your hair while keeping it healthy.

Cupuaçu Butter: This soft, moisturizing butter is found in the Brazilian Amazon region. Cupuaçu Butter naturally protects your hair, keeping it healthy and strong. Its moisture-sealing properties ensure that your hair always looks moisturized.

Murumuru Butter: Considered to be a top choice for replenishing hair, Murumuru butter also comes from the Amazon Rainforest. It is highly emollient, with a significant concentration of beneficial oleic acid. This ingredient, when present in conditioner, leaves hair rich and thick.

Harmful Ingredients Found in Shampoo and Conditioners
There are thousands of ingredients over the spectrum of shampoo and conditioners that are lifted up by commercials, celebrities, and other forms of media. However, how many of these ingredients are actually good for your hair? Some people may think that their hair must feel smooth and be shiny in order for it to be healthy, but sometimes this isn’t the case. The right ingredients begin working from the inside of each strand, out. The wrong ingredients can leave your hair feeling dry and worn out.

Here are a few ingredients that everyone should avoid when trying to improve the thickness and health of their hair:
Alcohol: Although not a favorable ingredient, alcohol is sometimes found in shampoo. This can cause your hair to dry out and it can also cause irritation to your scalp. Avoiding products that contain alcohol can help keep your hair healthy and moisturized.

Sodium Laurel Sulfate: An ingredient that is common in many types of shampoo is sodium laurel sulfate. This ingredient not only causes irritation of the scalp, but it can also cause irreversible damage to your hair. Using products with this ingredient may cause hair loss and possibly affect the growth of new hair.

Parabens: Parabens typically acts as preservatives. They certainly are not preserving the health of your scalp or hair. In fact, it does the opposite, often irritating the scalp and causing your hair to feel unhealthy. It can also affect the hormonal balance of an individual. The two common Parabens found in shampoos and conditioners are Propylparaben and Methylparaben.

Keep in mind that what you purchase and use on your hair is your choice, and some of the ingredients can be very helpful, whereas others can strip that helpfulness away, resulting in damaged hair.

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