How to Make Curly Hair Wavy

When you have curly and thick hair, it can be difficult to tame and style. One way that you can wear it is by making curly hair wavy. The wavy look is popular – it’s sexy but leaves hair with a lot of bounce and body. You can achieve wavy hair even if your hair is naturally coarse and curly, without resorting expensive and damaging chemical treatments. Here’s how:

1. Wear you hair long. The weight of longer hair pulls it down to create more waves and less curls.

2. Condition, condition, condition. Conditioning your hair makes it softer and more manageable. Use a conditioner when washing your hair. After taking a shower, use a leave in conditioner, applied mostly to the roots. And then, about once every month, apply a deep conditioner to keep curly hair moisturized and less frizzy.

3. Use an anti-frizz product on your hair. This type of product should be applied after a shower, while your hair is still wet. Rub it evenly on your hair. This will smoothen the curls as your hair dries.

4. Another product that you can apply to your hair is a straightening balm. Apply the balm to damp, curly hair. Use your fingers to work the product into your hair.

5. Use a hair dryer, but make sure to install a diffuser on it first. This will help reduce the frizz while you blow dry. Part your hair into manageable sections and blow dry it straight, using a styling brush.

6. When you hair is completely dry and completely straight, it’s now time to add the sexy waves. Use a curling iron or a flat hair iron. When using a curling iron, take small sections of your hair, apply styling spray, wrap it around the barrel, scrimp the iron, and release. Repeat until you’re done. Then use your fingers to run through your hair and create natural looking waves.

7. When using a flat hair iron, take a small section of your hair, apply styling spray, scrimp with the flat panels. Then, turn the iron so it’s almost vertically positioned. Gently glide the iron down the hair section. This should create waves on your hair. Repeat until done, and use your fingers to make the waves more natural looking.

8. When using either the flat iron or the curling iron to create the waves in your hair, be sure to alternate the direction that you work on your hair. You don’t want hair that waves in just one direction.

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