How To Style Scene Hair

Scene is the fashion that goes with the music genre of emo. Scene hair is best described as bold styles that are definitely not mainstream. Scene hair is as unique as the person wearing it. It can be a combination of goth meets emo or a bed-head indie haircut. Scene hair completes a look and lifestyle that is considered alternative.

The most important piece of being scene is having scene hair. A major component of scene hair is that it must move. Hair that doesn’t move or have an interesting almost architectural shape don’t qualify for scene hair. A favorite hairstyle is the reverse mullet with long layers in the front and very short layers in the back. Another hairstyle that is considered scene is straight hair with bangs. This is simple, but make sure that the bangs hang in front of the eyes some.
Scene hair
Most scene hair is dependent on the person’s favorite type of music. Any music, with the exception of country music, is acceptable. The bands tend to be techno and rock bands and are considered both random and cool. Even the names of the bands indicate that they are alternative: Sky Eats Airplane, Kill Hannah, Dashboard Confessional, Bullet for My Valentine, As I Lay Dieing, Jimmy Eat World and Shiny Toy Guns.

Scene hair has many other styles. It is the variations that allow the looks to remain fresh. Short, choppy layers are considered to be very scene. For example, longer hair can look differently with layers and choppiness whether right at the ear level, slightly below the ear or just above the ear. Scene kids compromise with some hairstyles so that parents won’t flip out. An example of this for a young man is to gather the back of the hair into a ponytail while allowing the sides to hang down on both sides of the face.

Another part of scene hair is hair color. You must be careful not to damage your hair by coloring too much. If you have gorgeous red hair, do not dye your hair. You will never be able to get your hair color back to the same. Try black or purple hair clip-on extensions to your hair for a show or for a party. If you are a light blonde, just dye the tips of your hair black. Conditioning is critical when dying and adding so many hair products to your hair. Silicon-based conditioner can repair damage, but are not good if you want to tease your hair. Supplemental hair treatment such as hot oil treatments and leave-in conditioner is recommended for dry hair.

To accent your scene hair, clothing offers a wide variety of options which seems to reflect the overall acceptance of all influences. The popular shoes seen on scene kids are Converse, ballet shoes, metallic flats, BAPE, Nike and slip-on Vans. Skinny jeans are paired with many styles of shirts. Popular shirts include those with a metallic sheen, leopard/zebra print, polka dots, stripes and even t-shirts featuring cartoon characters.

How to Style Your Short Scene Hair

Short hair used to mean a lack of choice when it came to styling. This is certainly not the case with short scene hairstyles. Uniqueness and individuality is the foundation of scene hair. Short scene hair can be personalized to suit your personality by using different haircuts and styling techniques.

Short scene hair can be styled just by the shape of the cut. Short choppy cuts can be teased easily. First, you need to straighten your hair, including all your layers. Then section your hair into small manageable pieces by clipping the sections back. Work each section by backcombing using a teasing comb from the tip to the root of the hair. Once you finish a section, spray with hairspray to hold the tease. Finish the look by lightly brushing the layers at the top and add a finishing coat of hairspray. Another way the shape of the scene cut influences styling options is long bangs. Bangs or fringe that covers one or both eyes is called “shy” and is a very popular scene look. A shaggy look with chunky layer has style embedded with its clear division.

The texture of short scene hair is usually determined by the hair product used. For guys, spiky hair is a great scene look. Short scene hair that has been flat-ironed straight is also very attractive. It is important to use a thermal protectant whenever you straight iron. This will help to coat and protect hair while minimizing damage.

Another great texture choice for scene hair is the messy hair. This looks great on both girls and guys and takes simply minutes to achieve. On hair that is straight, apply texture cream throughout the hair. Next, backcomb or tease the hair slightly. Don’t overdo. Next, air wax is applied to the ends for separation. Next, use dry wax on the top layer. Work each product into your hair thoroughly. The final step is to apply hairspray for a messy scene look.

A combination of the straight and messy hair is the mixed textures scene look. The hair is kept straightened around the hair. However, the rest of the hair can be made messy or textured with or without separation by using wax or latex texturizers. It combines two fave looks into one great style. Latex texturizers are used to give the look of controlled messiness without making the hair feel hard or sticky. Only a pea-sized amount of latex texturizer is dispensed and then it is rubbed robustly between hands. It is then pushed though the hair to form the texture you want. Wax texturizers, on the other hand offer texture without separation. A lot more product (about a few fingers worth) is used at one time. Wax texturizers are a thick paste that makes hair clump and have a high level of texture; it is for those people with thin hair that might need extra hold. There are several styling options for short scene hair depending on the cut, the texture and the styling product.

How to style girls short scene hair

Short scene hair for girls can be changed and styled according to the girl. Scene hair is about expressing your individuality. Scene hair is exemplified by layers, rigid cuts and vivid colors.

Straightening your hair is a basic concept with girl short scene hair. If you have curly hair and you want scene hair, you have two options. The first option is to have your hair chemically straightened. The second option is to straighten your hair every day. Shampoo your hair as you normally do. After applying conditioner but before you rinse it out, brush or pick your hair. Towel dry your hair and brush your hair another time. Wrap your hair in a towel and wait 15 minutes. If you blow dry your hair when it is too wet, your hair will frizz. Add a small amount of frizz serum; begin at the nape of your neck and smooth down and then use the rest for the roots and top of your head. Blow your hair dry in small sections using the curling brush. Follow up with the flat iron, again working in small sections. Add a small amount of frizz serum and you are finished.

A basic way to style short scene hair for girls is to wear long bands with a slanted yet layered cut. This is simple to accomplish. Comb out your hair and make a side part. Side-swept bangs that cover one eye are a big part of scene hair. If your hair is too short, you can add extensions for the scene look. With the bang separated, take pieces of your hair at the crown and spray with holding spray, mousse, gel or pomade. The goal is to apply just enough to hold a spike. Use your hands to add volume to the back and sides of your hair. You are the artist and you control how smooth, messy or voluminous your hair will be. Use a comb to rough up your roots and infuse volume.

Other ways to style girls short scene hair is to give an androgynous look. It is a look that a guy or girl could wear. Use gel to get the wet look that is fashionable for all. Another styling choice is to add some porcupine spikes in the back. There are two usual ways that girls with short scene hair color their hair. They dye all their hair black or stark blond. Then the girls will add bright streaks of color such as electric pink or blue. The other way to dye is a more subtle alternative. When you dye, you focus on chunks of your hair, not overall color. For example, apply white streaks under your bangs and on the sides to frame your face.

Accessories can also be used to style short scene hair. Little bows in the hair such as the little hair clip worn by little girls look cute and retro. Brightly colored hair extensions or a few strategically placed clips, sparkly hair jewelry, or bows can heat up a short scene style.

How to style medium length scene hair

Scene hair looks great at a show when it is styled just so. Medium length scene hair has so many advantages. It suits many different hair types, face shapes and personalities. Also, medium length combines the manageability of short hair with the amazing range of styling choices of long hair. There are specific ways to style medium length scene hair.

There are a lot of ways that girls can style their medium length scene hair. She can layer her hair and get it razored. Actually, layering is what helps a scene girl create all those great styles. So add a lot of layers so a lot of styling options.
The choice of styling products can be critical for the scene look that you are attempting. Hair gel will flatten your hair and since scene hair is about volume, you might as well toss the hair gel. Serum to get great shine is acceptable, but don’t overdo. The best styling tips for girls with medium length scene hair is lots of hairspray and lots of backcombing. As always, medium length scene hair must be straightened first. Use a thermal protectant to protect hair from the drying effects of straightening hair. Remember to tease under the layers.

Color is a scene girl’s best friend. Try color in the fringe or back to complement your natural hair color. She could also add color such as green, blue or purple to the roots or bangs for great contrast. As far as styling girl medium length scene hair, don’t forget to add accessories. A scene girl can add barrettes or bows. A cute touch is to wear accessorize subtly what you are wearing. If the pants you are wearing have a brown seam, wear a brown bobby pin or brown headband.

Guys with medium length scene hair are more subdued than girls. They share a few similarities with girls with scene hair. They also should avoid hair gel because it weighs the hair down. Guys should also get their hair razored. Medium length scene hair for guys should always be straightened first. The options for styling include Mohawk, spiked in the back, shy look, spiked at the crown and so on.

A main difference is that scene guys tend to color their hair brown, black or blonde. They might add some chunky streaks, but they don’t use go as crazy with the coloring as scene girls do.

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