Keep the winter chills at bay!!

Keep the winter chills at bay!!

Baby It’s cold outside. When the mercury plummets, the days get shorter and the night gets longer as the sun rises late and sets early. All of us want to stay home and sit by the fireplace. While it might be enticing to stay indoors, there is no reason to squander this lovely season. People suffering with Cheimatophobia (fear of cold) want to cover inside until spring onset. If you don’t have the appropriate paraphernalia for winter, the experience can be very nasty and terrible, but if you plan and prepare ; it’s a complete delight. Below products will help you to wrestle with winter and emerge as a clear winner.

To completely safeguard yourself you are going to require:

  1. Winter jacket
  2. Winter gloves
  3. Snow boots
  4. Ear warmers

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Winter Jacket

Different jackets are made for different seasons. There are jackets available for the spring , jackets for cold winds of autumn & for the winter as well. For someone who is new to colder climates buying a jacket made for a different season  comes as no surprise. There are jackets particularly designed for the needs of winter, the ones that are proof against frosty winters.

A winter jacket is more or less a coat but with additional insulating layer that traps and retains body heat. To keep one warm and toasty a winter jacket should be able to break the back of winter.

Be careful not to be pennywise and pound foolish . Don’t go for cheaper ones while sacrificing quality. As you end up spending even more on plethora of Mediocre jackets that don’t do anything than taking a space in your closet.
There are so many types of winter jackets available that one is spoilt for choice. One major type of winter jacket is “ the parka”

The Parka

Parka is a jacket or coat with fur or fauxfur lined hood.

How to choose just the right parka?

Umm.. It all comes down to your personality and the purpose you want it to serve . To each his own. Here is our attempt to streamline the selection process.
Buyers should consider the following features of parka:

  1. Hood: Whether or not it has fur round the edge? Is it detachable? Are drawstrings present to keep the hood firmly over your head
  2. Zippers: Two way or dual separating zippers ( as the teeth get completely separated when unzipped) , heavy duty zippers i.e zippers particularly made to withstand extreme weather conditions
  3. Pockets: How many pockets are there? Pockets with water resistant zippers , hand warmers and inside pockets are some of the desirable traits.
  4. Sleeves: What’s the length of sleeves? Sleeves should be long lined so even if someone has long arms their wrists stay covered.
  5. Type of insulation
    • Down insulation: down comes from the undercoat of water fowl such as geese and ducts . It has warmth to weight ratio 3 times that of synthetic insulation. But moisture is the stumbling block to down insulation. When it gets wet, it loses it’s insulating power.
    • Synthetic insulation: It is made with fine polyester fibres . Water resistance gives synthetic insulation an edge over the down insulation. It’s cheaper.

Synthetic insulation: It is made with fine polyester fibres. Water resistance gives synthetic insulation an edge over the down insulation. It’s cheaper .

With these features in mind do you want to buy a winter jacket or parka? Here are some of the best parka you can buy in UK.


Spending money on quality winter gloves is a decision you will thank yourself for. Any one with frostbitten or numb fingers due to a pair of cut price insufficiently lined gloves knows the elation of finally wearing gloves that keep hands warm and cosy.

Features you should look for

  1. Gloves should be breathable. Any layer worn in close proximity to the skin must be breathable to carry excess moisture away from body this applies to gloves too!
  2. Winter can be very isolating as you face difficulties in answering texts as you risk frostbite. Touchscreen capable winter gloves help you to stay connected and interact with the world as it lets you operate smartphones and other devices without exposing your digits.
  3. Glove with hand warmer pocket is no less than a treat.

You must be wishing for a glove with all above characteristics. Here are the best winter gloves you can buy in UK 2018.

Snow Boots

This winter season don’t let the old Man winter hurt your feet. Instead kick him with the right pair of snow boots. While choosing snow boots never choose fashion at the expense of function. The exemplary snow boot should have strong Rubber soles. They should be waterproof insulated and warm.

Here are my favorite winter boots. With these boots on you most probably won’t get cold feet rather you will be able to stand firm against the frigid and frosty winter.

Ear Warmers / Ear Muffs

Ear warmers aren’t always the first things you think of in winter, but their importance is indisputable. Gallivanting around on cold winter days can turn out to be troublesome if one is not protectively equipped from top to toe and that incorporates covering of ear too.
Ear warmers are designed to protect the wearer. Ear muffs aren’t inserted into the ear , they block cold winds by going around and cupping the ear.

To provide comfort and warmth isn’t the only goal, if you complement it with sensible style it can make a fashion statement. It comes in various colors to do just that. So, if you can hear me buy yourself a pair of ear warmers to protect your ears from the chills of winter. Below are my favourites:

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