Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles – What You Can Do

Lack of sleep, stress, and aging can all cause puffy eyes and dark circles which can leave you looking tired and even wrinkled. While under eye concealer can help to minimize and hide the problem, there are some quick and easy methods that you can do at home to help treat the embarrassing issue. Here are some tips and tricks to treat under eye puffiness and dark circles.

How to Treat Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

There are several quick and natural methods to help diminish and treat under eye puffiness and dark circles. Along with several different types of eye creams for dark circles, there are also some common household items that are also effective remedies.

1. Tea bags
Caffeine is a common ingredient in under eye creams, and it can also be found in tea bags. Caffeine is a natural stimulant that can help improve circulation, which can reduce the appearance of dark circles and swelling. Tea bags also contain tannins which have long been used for reducing puffiness under the eyes. Simply place the chilled tea bags on your eyes for five minutes for a fresh and alert appearance.

2. Avocado, almonds, and milk
All three of these items have natural whitening properties, along with moisturizers. Sliced avocado can dramatically reduce the appearance of dark circles, while crushed almonds or milk can be used as a paste. Not only can it dramatically reduce the appearance of the dark smudges, it can also improve the appearance of your skin and erase fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Chilled spoons
One of the easiest and fastest ways to treat under eye puffiness and dark circles is to place two chilled spoons against your eyelids. The cooler temperature can reduce inflammation, especially if it was caused by lack of sleep or crying. With the reduce in puffiness, many women also notice their dark circles disappearing. The cold metal on your skin can also help you to wake up mentally.

4. Cucumbers, potatoes, and tomatoes
There are several food items in your refrigerator that can reduce swelling and dark circles. Cucumbers contain antioxidants, along with soothing astringent properties. Chilled cucumber slices can soothe irritated and inflamed eyes, and help reduce the amount of puffiness and swelling. Cucumbers also contain vitamin C which is a natural skin lightener. Women can also mix a paste out of tomatoes or potatoes to help whiten the skin underneath their eyes.

5. Lemon juice
Cotton balls soaked in lemon juice is used to treat under eye swelling and dark circles. The vitamin C found in the fresh juice can act as a natural skin lightener. The vitamin can also help to promote the production of collagen which can diminish swelling, along with find lines and wrinkles. Most women recommend leaving the lemon juice on for ten minutes before washing it off for best results. Potato and cucumber slices can also be soaked in fresh lemon juice for faster and more dramatic results.

6. Chilled teething rings
If you are the parent of a small child, you probably wake up frequently with dark circles and under eye puffiness. Not only can the chilled teething rings help to soothe your baby’s irritated gums, it can also help you to look refreshed and even younger in the morning. Simply press the cold teething rings against your eyes for a few minutes to reduce puffiness, and dark circles. A cold compress will also work just as well as a teething ring.

Dark circles and under eye puffiness is a part of everyday life, and it is something that every woman will probably have to deal with. While the best way to prevent the problem is to live a healthy lifestyle and get plenty of rest, it is not always possible with today’s busy lives. There are several methods that you can use at home to treat most under eye puffiness and dark circles that include using cold compresses and tea bags. Vegetable slices and even pastes can also be used to gently lightening your skin while reducing puffiness, but the most important thing to remember is to always chill the ingredients. When you can’t prevent dark circles and puffiness from appearing, the best treatment will involve using colder temperatures.

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