Tips to Reduce Self-Consciousness and Beauty Anxiety

Everyone is beautiful on the inside. But there is nothing wrong with caring about your appearance. Before someone can get to know your personality, your outside is the first thing they see, and maintaining your looks will create a better first impression than not caring for yourself.

Of course, there is a fine line between caring about your looks and letting your own feelings about beauty control your life. Many people that care about beauty end up having anxiety over the way they’re aging, their weight, their makeup, etc., in a way that is unhealthy and takes away from living a stress free life.

Strategies to Reduce Self-Consciousness and Beauty Anxiety

Anxiety comes in all shapes and sizes, and the types of anxieties people have change with them. Some people experience too much anxiety over their hair. Others experience too much anxiety over their weight, or their skin, or their smile. Because these are all different, they all tend to have their own different needs. So here are a random assortment of useful tips to ensure that you’re not letting yourself become too obsessed with your own appearance.

General Anxiety Reduction

It starts with simple general anxiety reduction. If you suffer from anxiety, treat it. It doesn’t matter what this anxiety is about. Anxiety in one area of your life affects anxiety in others. That’s why many people with anxiety over their appearance develop it after they were already suffering from social anxiety and other issues. Make sure that you’re always looking to improve your anxiety and cope with life better.

Don’t Check the Scales

Let’s say you’re trying to lose weight to improve your appearance. You want to know if your efforts are working, so you check the scale every day. This is the wrong move.

First, weight is something that fluctuates by as many as 5 pounds every day. Second muscle weighs more than fat, and water retention can affect weight as well. Caring about how much you weigh isn’t the issue, since weight isn’t actually relevant to appearance.

Weight is simply a number. The way you look is the way you look. You may feel your weight affects your appearance, but the number itself isn’t what matters. Checking the scales only causes you to be concerned over things that aren’t completely within your control.

Consider this advice for more than just losing weight too. Don’t monitor every change to your body, looking for every wrinkle or examining every pimple. Just work on what you can and avoid treating yourself like a science experiment.

Be Confident in Your Not-Dressed Up Self

You also need to make sure that you’re not using beauty tips as a way of hiding the way you look without all of the dressing up. Your confidence shouldn’t be dependent on makeup and nice clothes.

If you find that you feel anxiety when you go out without putting in a lot of work in your appearance, then you need to give the beauty work a break until you’ve improved your self-confidence. Go out without the makeup and without the nice clothes, and don’t be shy about it. Once you are confident with yourself, that’s when caring about your appearance won’t become a tool you use to decrease your outward anxiety.

Confidence is Attractive

Indeed, being confident in yourself is its own attractive feature, and an important part of beauty. So make sure that you’re not using beauty tips as a way of trying to prevent anxiety. Your appearance should be something you care about, but not something you use as a tool to hide a lack of confidence in yourself.

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