Top Hair Straightening Products to Straighten Your Hair

Hair is important. Aside from protecting the head in many ways, it can either make you look ugly or fabulous. You can play with it and let it take different forms – it’s up to you!

However, there are several types of hair that are not that easy to deal with and have the great potential to make its wearer ugly. Having wavy hair like I do, I always wanted to have straight hair. How do I achieve straight hair? Like other wavy and curly haired people, I use various hair straightening products! There are several effective ways to do that.

Brush and Blow Dry. Probably the most basic. Wet hair is always straight, didn’t you notice? The hair curls back as it dries. The water being held by the hair causes this straight look. This can be maintained if the hair will be held straight while being blown dry. Of course, the one doing this must know the proper techniques in doing it. The effectiveness of this method will have to depend upon the stylist’s skills. If not, the results can be unsatisfactory. The little downside to this is that it might not work on specific hair varieties and may cause some amount of damage to hair.

Flat Iron. Flat irons will work in case the blow drier doesn’t. This is designed for hair that is curly and of course, will work on wavy hair and all other hair types. Flat iron should be used to dry and straighten hair after a proper shampoo and conditioner. This too, depends upon skill, like the blow dryer. A person who is experienced in using a flat iron may give out great results, whereas someone who is not, may cause accidents such as burns on your hair or on your skin. The downside to this, one of the most effective hair straightening products? It can damage your hair.

Straightening Comb or Brush. Closely aligned to the flat iron, this is a metal comb is preheated before being used. Carefully combing your hair with the hot comb will straighten it. Old straightening combs were heated before an open flame. Thankfully, it’s not the old days anymore. These days, they are electrically heated.

Hair Styling Products. You might not want a blow dryer or a flat iron, but there are hair straightening products in store for you. These products can be creams, sprays, gels or wax and has the ability of holding the hair for a large period of time. A wide array of styling products that would correspond to every type of hair can be found in hair care stores or any regular grocery store. The most effective products among them are hair gels and pomades. Mousse may work but it would still depend upon your hair style. They are effective and won’t damage hair but they may not make hair look natural.

Hair Relaxer. Like the flat iron, this can is harsh to the hair. The relaxer is a chemical that is used in order to create a reaction in your hair. The hair straightens because of this. After a set time, wherein the reaction takes place, a formula is applied that neutralizes the relaxer. Voila your hair is straight. Use carefully, as the chemicals used in this hair straightening product can also burn the hair and scalp.

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