Why should you exercise? Top 10 reasons

Very few people actually like the act of exercising because it takes effort, it can be painful and challenging to schedule around a busy life. What people do like about exercising is the way that they feel afterwards in addition to the countless benefits that come along with committing to it. Why should you exercise? Here are 10 very good reasons.

  1. Exercise boosts energy. Most people complain everyday of feeling tired and the thought of exercise exhausts them even more. But what’s probably keeping them feeling sluggish and unmotivated is the lack of exercise in their life. It’s a fact; exercise boosts energy.
  2. Exercise makes you stronger mentally and physically. Why not fight weakness with strength and live a life feeling like you can conquer the world? There’s nothing like being mentally and physically strong because it gives you a level of confidence like no other in addition to independence.
  3. Exercise improves sleep. When you’ve worked your body and exhausted your muscles its must easier to relax and fall in a deep sleep each night.
  4. Exercise makes you feel happy. Regardless of what may be going on in your life, exercising improves your mood by releasing endorphins that will give you a happy feeling.
  5. Exercise gives you a hot body. Consistently exercising naturally sculpts and tones your body into your best self. Sticking with your workouts will enable you to keep that hot body for life.
  6. Exercise reduces stress and anxiety. Every time you exercise, work your muscles and break a sweat you will be left feeling relaxed and less stressed.
  7. Exercise improves your confidence. With the benefits of feeling stronger, looking hotter and reducing stress mentioned above, your confidence will naturally improve. You’ll find yourself walking around with better posture and feeling better about yourself as a whole.
  8. Exercise burns calories and fat. With the right rotation of exercises each week and a proper diet or supplement you will lose weight and keep it off for good.
  9. Exercise improves your overall health. Reduce blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease and diabetes through exercise. Did you know that exercise can actually be more effective than blood pressure medication by reducing it with just one workout? In addition to that, your heart is strengthened and any risk of diabetes is reversed with as little as a half hour of exercise each day.
  10. Exercise improves endurance, flexibility and mobility. These 3 benefits are essential to growing old and adding years onto your life.

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